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Kia Aileen

J.D., LL.M, Soul Clarity Coach 
High Wycombe , England, United Kingdom

Helping professional women out of stuckness and into soul-led clarity. 


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About me

I’m Kia Aileen and I see you.  I see you because I was you.  I felt so stuck and overwhelmed.  With a background in legal and corporate careers that span more than 25 years, I understand, all too well, about seemingly "having it all" but still feeling lost.  Following a bought of anxiety, I decided to focus on my own healing and retrained in numerous holistic and spiritual therapies while working full time. It was the path I had been looking for and I managed to ease some of that anxiety and pressure – for a while.

The second time the anxiety returned, I was able to go within and ask – “What’s really going on here?”  I understood that my body was reflecting what my soul wanted.  I was suffocating under the pressure of having the perfect career, being the perfect wife and step-mother, being the perfect daughter.  And I didn’t feel I was getting any of it right.  So I took the leap.  I chose to follow my heart and trust the pull to help others discover who they really were and what they truly wanted.  In 2015, I left my job and started my own counselling and coaching practice and I haven’t looked back since.

Has it always gone smoothly? No!
Have I always gotten it right? Hell no!
Have I grown?  Immensely and I continue to grow everyday.

So, who do I serve? I serve people like you.  I have worked with professional women and entrepreneurs around the world who know it’s time to rid themselves of self-doubt, stuckness, procrastination and self-sabotage. Women who are ready to get crystal clear on who they are and their unique path in the world.

I combine numerous mindset, energetic and spiritual modalities to:

  • unpick the trauma, beliefs and stories that are keeping you stuck,

  • create solid foundations for a balanced mental, emotional and spiritual connection, and

  • realign with the intelligence of your body,

  • so that you can hear from within what you truly desire and how you can achieve it.

I love working the energy of the mind-body-spirit connection to help clients develop rockstar intuition and unwavering faith in their direction.   

I so am passionate about helping people answer the call of their souls that in addition to my private practice, I also teach Qigong and several modules at the world-renowned Holistic Healing College in London.

When I’m not doing that, you can usually find me spending time with my family and two dogs, Stan and Ollie.



Private 1:2:1 coaching cover life, love and business. Packages range from 3-session packages to 9-Month business coaching packages.


Private 1:2:1 coaching cover life, love and business.

Short courses or group coaching

Group courses coming soon.

Ongoing training

Soul Plan Practicioner training ongoing.

Fee description

Fees: from $330 USD to $5000 USD

3-session packages to 9-month bespoke business coaching.

Full details on my website.


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