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Kim Jordan

MA Human Performance (UNC) 
Cary, North Carolina, United States
I offer transformational life coaching with a basis in deep inner process work.

About me

I’m Kim Jordan of Emerge Inner Life Coaching, and I invite you to be who you really are and do what you really love.

I facilitate inner conflict resolution and encourage the realization of your authentic vision.

I give you my full attention and am quite adept at seeing possible connections between your present and past experiences. I work empathically as needed and intuitively when it happens. As an empath, I go on your journey with you to sense what you’re experiencing. As an intuitive, I receive visual and auditory information that I then test to see if it elicits a response in your body.

Coaching with me

Emerge Inner Life Coaching offers transformational life coaching with a basis in deep inner process work.It relieves inner conflict so you can focus on what you truly want to create and supports the emergence of your most genuine, multifaceted self.

The process of paying close attention to your inner world, of being honest, and of being witnessed without judgement will allow you to release identities that you formed earlier in life to adapt to reality. It will also free you from the burden of the belief systems you adapted to - ideas about appropriate gender roles, beauty standards, what kind of work you should or shouldn't be doing, etc. It will free you from trying to be what someone else wanted you to be, (or resisting what someone else wanted you to be,) and allow to experience the joy of being yourself. And this joy, in turn, will allow you to create the life you truly want.
With Emerge Inner Life Coaching, you’ll experience an extremely effective verbal technique called Voice Activated Integration or VAI. This highly interactive process lets your body to be our guide as we navigate your unconscious realm. On this journey, you’ll liberate yourself from inauthentic identities that you formed in the past to adapt to reality: to family members, societal norms, life-threatening events, etc. These identities served a purpose at one time – they allowed you to be rewarded with affection, spared you from criticism, or kept you safe in some way – but you’re most likely reading this website because you’re tired of the patterns they create.

Identities that no longer serve you create situations that no longer serve you. They’re all the ways you feel stuck, limited, or lost, but they also conceal vital aspects of your essential self and hold the keys to your fulfillment. With honest, inner exploration, we can track the cause of your present conflict back to its source in the past to reveal all the beauty and brilliance you have hidden from the world. Together we will transform fear into confidence, sadness into joy, confusion into clarity, and frustration into ease.
How We’ll Work

First I’ll ask you to tell me what prompted you to come in for a session. Next I’ll listen carefully as you describe your family dynamics and major life events. Then we’ll track your present conflict back to its source in the past. How? I’ll offer verbal statements to evoke information stored in your unconscious, then you’ll repeat these statements in your own voice, paying close attention to your inner world – your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. Statements that don’t resonate with your truth will not evoke a response, but statements that do resonate will: an emotion may arise, your stomach may tighten, a memory might come to mind, etc. In this way, your body will guide us to an inauthentic identity – a part of you that is longing to be free of the past.

Once evoked, we’ll dialogue with that identity directly. This aspect of VAI is one reason the technique is so effective. Traditional therapists tend to talk ABOUT an issue. In doing so, they often talk over the head of the identity that is the source of the issue and may even judge an inner child by adult standards. But with VAI we dialogue directly with each identity at its developmental stage and with absolute non-judgment. You’ll find parts of yourself that have been waiting a long time to be given this kind of attention – to be listened to, seen, and allowed to be.

Activation Assignments emerge from your process and are of vital importance. They’ll be something your authentic self has requested to nurture its fulfillment and will consist of a practical or playful follow-up assignment or personal inner practice. If you agree, I will hold you gently and enthusiastically accountable for these assignments, and with a significant commitment you will gain mastery of many techniques for processing and coaching yourself in the moment.

The process of becoming authentic often involves inner generational healing – the tracking of a wounded belief system through your lineage. Generational healing is deep healing and is essential for traditional shamanic cultures. You don’t have to visit, write, or call your relatives to process at this level! You will, however, be amazed at the historical information your body stores and your ability to access it, and you’ll be profoundly relieved to release wounds that have been passed down for generations. You may also be pleased to notice that the work you do has an effect on your relatives and improves your relationship with your children.

You can also deepen your relationship to yourself and humanity by working with your dominant archetypes, (the martyr, the consumer, “the control freak,” the recluse, the starving artist, etc) and by working with the fundamental polarities that are the source of so much suffering in our world (superior/inferior, liberal/conservative, male/female, etc.) Inner work with archetypes and polarities not only transforms you and your reality profoundly, but also shifts our collective consciousness and has the potential to affect social change.
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Inner Adventure

A single session will introduce you to your amazing inner world where you can find answers to life-changing questions such as, “Why does this keep happening to me?” “What can I do to change this situation?” or “Where do I go from here?”

1 session
Activation Assignment
Mid-week Motivator

Profound Relief

A package of three sessions may be best if you’re seeking clarity and relief during challenging times, such as agonizing over a decision, feeling the pressure of stagnation, or grieving the loss of a loved one.

3 sessions to be redeemed within 6 weeks
Activation Assignments
Mid-week Motivators
$240 ($80 per session)

Authentic Shift

This package is offered for you if you’re deeply tired of some aspect of your life and are ready to commit to transforming it. For example, you’re tired of being alone, tired of worrying about money, or tired of hiding your brilliance to be safe, desirable, or good.

12 sessions to be redeemed within 4 months unless otherwise arranged
Activation Assignments
Mid-week Motivators
$900 ($75 per session)

Deep Transformation

This package is for the you if you feel an intense desire to be authentic, to connect deeply to yourself and your loved ones, & to offer your unique gifts to the world and receive the world’s abundance in return.

a one year full commitment to yourself
36 sessions to be redeemed in 12 months unless otherwise arranged
Activation assignments
Mid-week Motivators
$2520 ($70 per session)
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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MA Human Performance (Psychology & Physiology) UNC-Chapel Hill
  • I am currently completing a second masters in Philosphy, Cosmology & Consciousness from CIIS in San Francisco.
  • Voice Activated Integration (advanced facilitator)
I have an MA in Human Performance (psychology/physiology) from the University of North Carolina, and am presently pursuing a second Master’s in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

I’ve been a VAI enthusiast since the year 2000 and a certified facilitator since 2004. I worked intensively with VAI founder John Hoyle and his non-profit organization, The Institute of Conscious Studies, to develop a map of human consciousness, (a flowering of the work of G.I. Gurdjieff,) and a corresponding theory of human evolution which I believe offers crucial missing pieces in our understanding of our composition, our historical conflicts, and the challenges we face. I also co-authored the book Voice Activated Integration – An Experiential Way to Unlock the Unconscious and Free the Body of the Energy of the Past.

I’d also just add that I possess a deep trust in VAI as a tool to bring about personal and collective transformation – it has yet to cease to amaze me.   more ...

Fee description

Fees: from $65 USD to $85 USD

I offer single sessions for $85 and packages that offer reduced rates for your commitment to yourself.


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