lifecoach $5000 USD Kimberli Ridgeway Kimberli Ridgeway Kimberli is a Spiritual Healer and has worked with the alternative healing arts for about 2 decades.
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Kimberli Ridgeway

DNH, Minister 
Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States
Kimberli is a Spiritual Healer and has worked with the alternative healing arts for about 2 decades.
OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $75 USD to $5000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Kimberli is a Spiritual Healer and has worked with the alternative healing arts for about 2 decades. Kimberli started her journey into the realm of the unseen as a child. Then in her 20's she trained on the Tuallip Indian reservation with a lady called NaNa. Kimberli's Native American name is Soul Retriever. The art of Soul Retrieval involves finding where the soul is damaged and losing precious life force and bringing a person back to spiritual wholeness. This process can be used for those who are with or without a body.
Kimberli futher trained with a beautiful healer and natropathic Doctor named Linda Ogg. Linda taught her aspects of intuitive healing and working with the whole body. Linda had a strong faith in God and believed that healing could occur when allowed.

Kimberli has a Doctorate of Natural Health from Kingdom College. She has been a Sports massage therapist and worked with minor league hockey as well as football players on all levels from high school to Pro. She has also worked on the road with Jim Henson and Stomp Productions.

Over the years, she has seen many things, things that defy a normal explanation. She has followed these deviations from the norm to help restore the people she was working with to a state of peace. She has also made unique formulas for her clients for many years. Now she is sharing her talents with you.

Kimberli has recently relocated to beautiful Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. This area known as Manataka by the Native Americans and means Place of Peace. In these hills are mined some of the worlds most beautiful crystals. Combine that with the natural hot water mineral spas and you can understand the beauty of the vibration that Manatka provides.

Since moving to Hot Springs, Kimberli has been studying with a Master teacher, Starr Fuentes. She has completed the Divine Intervention course of study and learned the loudest most specific prayer that can be said. She has been ordained into the church of Divine Intervention and is now, Rev. Dr. Kimberli Ridgeway.

She hopes you will feel the beauty, peace, balance and power of her surroundings reflected in her coaching.


Are you serious and ready to take charge of your mind? I offer ¼ day, ½ day and full day sessions done by phone, skype or in person.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $5000 USD

Virtual - phone or skype
For an hour - 75.00
1/4 day - 125.00
1/2 day - 200.00
Full day - 350.00

In Person -
1 hour - 150.00
1/4 day - 250.00
1/2 day - 450.00
Full day - 850.00
2 days - 1500.00


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