lifecoach $600 USD Kimberly Cox Kimberly Cox A goal-driven,selfless being with a genuine passion to uplift others to gain greater fulfillment
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Kimberly Cox

Leadership Subject Matter Expert 
Greater Memphis Surrounding Areas, Mississippi, United States
A goal-driven,selfless being with a genuine passion to uplift others to gain greater fulfillment
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About me

My PURPOSE is to empower, motivate and intuitively touch the lives of those I encounter to make a remarkable impact with a lasting impression. 

Hi, I am Kimberly Cox, your Personal Life Coach. A mom of three young adult daughters, the oldest of 6 sisters and one brother, I have had to lead by example for as long as I can remember. It is with no surprise that my passion is to push others to be their best self and strive for greatness in all things. 

As an Professional Administrative Leader within the healthcare industry for greater than 20 years, I have been honored to mentor and lead others to their next level of success. Over the years, I have impacted 200 or more individuals under my direct leadership and personal engagements. 

I have received many accolades, awards and recognitions for displaying Outstanding Administrative Leadership, Accelerated Training and Development Instructor, Life Coach Certification plus much more. 

I have proven my ability to help individuals reach their next best thing! I'll be your personal coach to guide you to a more more CONFIDENT Lifestyle. 

~ Coach KC

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $600 USD

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$50 per session, no contract

$200 = one month contract

$450 = 10 session + 2 emergency meetings


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