lifecoach $40 USD Kindra D Kindra D If "eat less, move more" worked, we would all be healthy by now. Let's learn the truth about health!
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Kindra D

BS, AFPA Nutrition Consultant 
Glendora, California, United States
If "eat less, move more" worked, we would all be healthy by now. Let's learn the truth about health!
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About me

I specialize in weight loss and lifestyle changes that will make a real difference to those living with chronic diseases. It is very important to me that my clients understand the physiology of their bodies in order to make informed decisions about their health. I want my clients to think critically and ask the hard questions. Years of blindly accepting wrong advice has made us all sick and confused.

Believe it or not, your body actually wants to be healthy, and it can be sooner than you think. I can help you understand why you eat less than everyone else but still weigh more, and I can help you empower your own body to get healthy. Conventional wisdom tells us to fight against our biology and then blames us when we fail. Only when we really understand why these things happen can we take the correct steps to reverse them.

Coaching with me

Whether you want to avoid complications of diabetes, gain more energy, or lose weight, when you understand how different nutrients interact in your body and the role of hormones in health, wellness goals finally become achievable. If you've failed in your health goals in the past, it's not because there's something wrong with you, your willpower, or your character on any level. It's because the advice you were given was wrong. Mainstream nutritionists continue to blame the victims rather than admit that their understanding of obesity and chronic diseases is critically lacking. We will approach weight loss with a completely different mindset, and you will finally see the results your hard work should have given you long ago.

I like to focus on education and empowerment. We will start by discussing your personal interests, questions, and concerns, and then we will learn about those topics. I don't mean that I will spout of cliches and nutritional platitudes. I mean that we will think critically and examine scientific research. Much of the conventional wisdom in nutrition and wellness is scientifically unsound at best. Research consistently shows that people really are trying to follow their doctors' advice, but everyone is getting less healthy! You could believe that you just didn't try hard enough, or you could look closer at what you're being told.

Since I am not a doctor, I will just guide you through the evidence and the decision to make a dietary or lifestyle change will be yours. Only you can know what will work for you in the long run. I love when my clients as me the hard questions. It shows that they are thinking. Please don't just take my word for anything either. Blindly trusting the nutritional authorities is how we got into this obesity and chronic disease mess in the first place!


1 hour sessions conducted over the phone or via video chat. This will include current lifestyle/nutrition assessment, goal setting, and education activities.
Unlimited contact with me via chat and email for one price per week!

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • AFPA Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant
  • BS in Health & Wellness
I suffered from mystery joint pain from a young age, and then developed bunions at age 13. A few times I came close to being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, but the doctor told me “Sorry, you need 7 joints inflamed at once to get a diagnosis. You only have 5. Come back when you're worse.” As I got older, I gained weight, got frequent headaches, and developed a rash in several places on my body. An allergy doctor gave me a drug and said “These might ruin your liver. And if they don't cure your rash, then it's just something you'll have to live with. You're just a person who gets rashes.” Needless to say, that didn't cure my rash, but it did cure me of my blind trust in doctors.

When I got home from that appointment, I immediately started doing my own research. The first change I made was eliminating wheat from my diet, which cured my headaches. From there, I fell into the black hole of nutrition science, and I'm still learning more every day. I now eat a strict anti-inflammatory diet, and all of my auto-immune symptoms are gone.

You can have the same results. I promise. All symptoms, including excess weight, are your body's attempts to heal itself or restore homeostasis. Focusing on eliminating the symptom will only prevent the body from healing. It will make your health worse. Bodies are smart. They want to be healthy, and they will be if you nourish them correctly and focus on the real problems, not the symptoms.

Fee description

Fees: from $35 USD to $40 USD

$35 per week for online coaching.
$40 per session for private coaching.


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