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Kristan Price

PLC, Professional Life Coach  
Arlington , Virginia, United States
My hope is to create a movement that encourages others to support and empower one another.

About me

Over the years I have learned what I am most passionate about and what most excites me is inspiring and encouraging others. In life we all reach road blocks or simply need a nudge to get over the hump. Often we know what we want the end result to be but determining the steps to get to that next place seems nearly impossible. Sometimes we are in a position of transition in our life and the thought of what is behind the next door, the unknown, is frightening. Having someone to talk about the steps it takes to reach that goal or how to prepare for the unknown can be extremely helpful. Being that person to talk through those things and seeing progress is what is rewarding to me.


PLC, Professional Life Coach

MBA, Master of Business Administration

B.S., Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Concentration Management

Skills: Academic Advising, Event Planning, Enrollment Management, Student Recruitment, Student Engagement & Development, Higher Education, Stretegic Planning, Consulting, Account Management   more...

Coaching with me

I believe the best way to describe my client results is by providing the quote from one of my clients below.

“My experience working with Kristan has been no less than life changing. Admittedly, I was stuck in a rut in both my professional and personal life. After my initial session, I felt fundamentally different. It was as if I had been activated. I feel keenly and deeply connected to my purpose. The best way I can describe my experience is that I had all of the tools and ingredients to make a great dish. The coaching with Kristan essentially helped me define and refine the recipe and get the food onto the plate.”

Elle Carey of Elle Makes/Honey and Venom
I prefer to allow the client to take the lead and outline goals and objectives. During our one on one sessions I ask the client to do the majority of speaking. In describing what they often perceive as a road block it helps me formulate powerful thought proving questions that are catered to the situation at hand. As the client answers each question he or she begins to find clarity and become energized. Together we create OBTAINABLE action items.

Here comes the big piece I serve as an accountability partner and follow-up to assess progress. Together we discuss un-forseen objectives and re- assess to set next step an additional action items. It is through this process the client is able to take steps towards his or goals and success.


1 to 1 sessions phone sessions
Web coaching

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • B.S in Business Management
  • Masters Degree in Business Administration
  • Professional Life Coach Certification

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $500 USD

Fee is based on Monthly 1hour sessions. At minimum I suggest bi-weekly sessions for at least 3 months.


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