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Kristin Lachen

Life Coach & Personal Brand Expert 
Los Angeles, United States
Business and Personal Branding Coach

About me

In your quest for success I will be your guide and your guiding force. Everyone needs a sidekick, even Superheroes can't do everything alone.

Over the past 8 years I have spent countless hours helping people just like you achieve their personal and professional goals to create the life by design. My corporate background is in branding and marketing where I get to lead teams to fulfill new product or service roll-outs and develop leaders and managers. I love what I do but I knew that I could make a bigger difference helping people directly so 8 years ago I set out to do just that very thing. Since then I have completed training in Cognitive Therapy Professional Training, NLP Therapy, Emotional and Integrated Therapy, Life Coaching and Leadership Training, and Strategic Life Coaching. I also completed my NASDAQ Series 6 and 63 Financial licenses so that I could help my clients make informed retirement decisions.

I love guiding people to achieving their goals, it is my personal passion and my bliss. I have coached executives to be better leaders for their departments. I guide individuals up the professional ladder, or through successful transitions to their dream jobs. I have led mothers through the process of creating financial independence through entrepreneurship and business building. I help people set themselves up as an expert in their field. These are things I can do for you.

Personal Branding is incredibly important in today's economic field, regardless if you are already established in a company, trying to create your own business, or land that perfect job. Whether you just want to start a blog site or secure the corner office, I will be your guide.


Coaching with me

Together we will take a look at your current situation and your core needs. From there will can create a solid foundation upon which to build your life as you want it to be. We will be designing your life, together. I will help guide you through each process from aligning your perspective to empowering your thoughts and actions. My job is to support you through each and every step of the way. Together we will eliminate walls, blocks, and destructive behaviors that may stand in your way. You will receive everything you need to create an inspired life.

Through this process you will learn skills and new behavior patterns that will help create the confidence needed to achieve your goals. Each goal bringing you closer and closer to your life of design. You will become inspired and you may find yourself being an inspiration to those around you. Don't worry, that is part of the process. You will learn to communicate with integrity and authenticity, self assured in every way.

As your vision becomes your reality you will find that your life will unfold naturally and organically to the thoughts and intentions you put out into the world. These positive outcomes will flourish as you fulfill each goal that we set, and with my guidance you will find that you are closer than ever to the life of your dreams.
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You will receive results-oriented coaching from me, along with plenty of practical tools that you can put into action. My clients receive enrichment assignments tailored to their specific goals and needs.

I believe that real-life, real-time action is paramount to achieving goals and I will gently push and guide you through each step.

I help people unlock their natural gifts and interests which can be put to use to help them flourish on a professional level.

You will learn more about yourself and abundant ability to truly create a life of means and independence which is aligned with your personal happiness and creation.


Private coaching sessions are the most beneficial and packed with hands-on guidance and leadership. I will be your partner in crime throughout your journey, from start to finish. If you need help getting yourself, your home, business, or health in order I will be your guide. If you are looking for someone to show you the ropes on how to start a business, create a personal brand, or set yourself up as an expert in your field I will be your coach all the way. You can trust in my experience to help you reach your goals every single time.

Private Coaching sessions typically last from 1 hour to 4 hours, depending on your unique needs. These sessions take place in the Greater Los Angeles Area; in your private home, area of business, or out "in the field." Private Coaching clients can choose their schedule on a daily or weekly basis, there is no limit to the number of sessions you can have. There is also an option for a monthly retainer package as well, simply inquire about this for rates.

Private sessions are perfect for those who wish to focus on home organization, time management, personal branding, business coaching, or health and wellness coaching. Private field sessions are where we both go out into the world together to focus on creativity coaching, success coaching, image coaching, leadership coaching and much more. Essentially the private field sessions allow you to integrate your coaching skills in real world scenarios while being coached through the process.

96% of my Private Coaching clients utilize both the in-home and in-field approaches to get the most out of their sessions and lessons. Here are a few examples:
- an Image Coaching client will start out at their home, in their closet and then head out for shopping and styling sessions in the field.
- a Wellness Coaching client will start out at their home, in their kitchen learning nutrition, then head out for appropriate exercise at a local park or gym, and depending on their needs they can continue on to consultations with my Wellness and Health partners in various disciplines (Holistic care, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Nutritional Supplement Advisors, Muscle Testers, etc).
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Online coaching is perfect for those who wish to include coaching into their busy schedules. Using email, phone, and Skype, my online clients experience the best results by making their own schedule that fits around their unique needs.

Online coaching is ideal for those who wish to focus on creating a better life for themselves, regardless of their current situation. Online coaching is by far my most popular coaching option because of the flexibility and the price. Online coaching sessions are done either Daily, Bi-Weekly, Weekly, or Bi-Monthly, depending on your unique goals and needs. I suggest that new clients start with a bi-weekly approach at first and then move from there.

This option is very easy to stick with over time or for a short while, it truly depends on your needs. To make things even simpler I am happy to announce that I have a new payment structure just for online coaching clients where you can choose weekly or monthly payment options for your convenience.

Here are a few examples:
- Life Coaching clients begin with daily sessions and most of them stick with this schedule or a bi-weekly schedule to help them with time management, home organization, financial planning, stress coping, and many other life issue that pop up in a moment's notice.
- a Success Coaching client will start out with online sessions twice a week (bi-weekly) to flesh out expectations and to outline goals, then they will stay on this schedule until certain goals are met, finally they might want to switch to weekly sessions as new obstacles arise.
- Executive and Leadership coaching clients will start out with twice a week sessions to identify opportunities for enhancement and then move to a weekly schedule while they put these into place in their professional lives, and many of these clients continue with a bi-monthly schedule to keep their skills fresh.
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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BSC-Hons Marketing and Management
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified NLP Coach
  • PEER Counceling Certification
  • Solution Focused Therapy
  • Gestalt Principle Training
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Analytical Pyschotherapy Training

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $1200 USD

Each session is $100 per hour, monthly packages start at $1,200.00 for online or private sessions.
All private session requests must be local to the Los Angeles area unless expenses will be paid.


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