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Kristina Rogers

MA Org. Development, CEBC, MBTI 
Fountain City, Wisconsin, United States
I love what I do. I can't wait to introduce you to the new, stronger, more energetic YOU!

About me

Until graduate school, I had never heard of Coaching. Somehow, my universe aligned when I stumbled upon Coaching as a possible concentration, and boy did I need it! Shortly after I began grad school, I found myself in the position of being a single mom of two babies and working three jobs to make ends meet! If not for the Coaching I received from my mentors and peers in the Certified Evidence-Based Coaching program, I might not have found the power to successfully navigate through those years of my life.

Now that those years of sleep deprivation are behind me, I want to share the Coaching experience with everyone. I love what I do. I get to help people every day to discover and empower themselves! I am so passionate about my work that I feel energized by it and can do it from morning until night. I love to spread to this energy to my clients!

Coaching with me

The most important goal of coaching is to build empowerment rather than dependence. For this reason, I do not give advice and I do not Coach anyone more than 12 times.

I help my clients to become more aware of themselves and others. I focus on positive psychology and emotional intelligence. I also help my clients to get out of the ruts in which they are stuck by stepping outside of their comfort zones. bringing them energy to tackle the issues with an Action Plan.

If, after 12 Coaching sessions, you have not developed self-Coaching skills, then I have not done my job.
I always say...every organization has plenty of issues, every individual has plenty of issues. With my Organizational Development Practice, I Coach one organizational issue at a time. With my Executive and Life Coaching, I Coach one individual issue at a time. I tell my clients to pick an issue for each session, professional or personal. We will tackle one issue each session.

We will explore that issue from all possible angles. I will encourage you to step outside of your safe comfort zone to explore the issue on a deeper level. I am often compared to the fitness instructor who challenges the mind rather than the muscles.

Then we will develop an Action Plan to conquer your issue!

I like to provide the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to my clients, though this is not a requirement. I find that the Myers-Briggs brings a great deal of awareness about strengths in self and others. It is also extremely helpful as a conflict management tool.


Pick any issue, professional or personal. Let's tackle it!
Pick any issue, professional or personal. Jump on Skype and tackle it this week (sometimes available same day)! 40% discount for Skype sessions.
Short courses or group coaching
Check out my Team Dynamics Workshop to manage conflict, revitalize your team, or to get your new team off to a strong start.
-MBTI for every team member
-3 Coaching sessions for every team member
-2 Team Coaching sessions
-Team Dynamics Survey at the beginning and at the end to demonstrate improvement on 22 group dynamics concepts
Ongoing training
Leadership and Management Development
Organizational Development

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Certification
  • Master's certificate: Leadership & Management Effectiveness
  • Master's certificate: Certified Evidence-Based Coaching
  • Master's degree: Organizational Development & Leadership
  • Bachelor's degree: Psychology
  • Associate's degree: Business
  • Graduate level coaching education - 1 yr of concentrated study
Growing up, my family and friends always thought I was going to be a Psychologist. I have always loved to dig into conversations on a deep level. During my last year of my undergrad, I fell in love with Organizational Psychology and I faced a big dilemma. I worried I would lose that one-on-one counseling experience I loved if I decided to focus on organizations. Ultimately, I decided that I could change more lives if I improved the health of organizations. Soon after my I began my graduate studies, I discovered Coaching as a possible concentration. Coaching has provided me with the opportunity to work face-to-face with clients on the deep level I have always desired. Coaching has also provided an avenue to help people to focus on their futures rather than on their pasts! My universe became aligned full circle! I love to Coach - I can do it all day and never get tired. It energizes me and I feel this is the best way for me to help people.

One thing that sets me apart from many coaches is that I have been formally trained at graduate school level as a concentration of my Master’s degree in Organizational Development & Leadership. This level of training has provided me with a full year of in-depth training from some of the biggest names in Coaching, while most Coaches have only read their books. These mentors have observed, analyzed, and Coached me during my intense training. This experience was life-changing for me! I look forward to sharing the Coaching experience with you!
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Fee description

Fees: from $60 USD to $6000 USD

Individual Coaching Session: $150
Package of 3: $400
Package of 10 (can be shared with team): $1,000
All Coaching is 40% for Skype sessions
Organizational Development Consulting: based on needs
MBTI Assessment & Coaching: $110-150
Team Dynamics Workshop: $500 per team member


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