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Krystal Merical

I am a divorced, mother of 2 grown adults and a certified life mastery consultant.

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About me

I am a very caring, genuine, encouraging, understanding person. I listen to other people's stories and I intuitively know what tips and tools will support them through most of life's situations. I have the ability to identify issues, and offer clear direct solutions.

I love my grown daughters, my beautiful kitty cat, my dear friends and colleagues. I enjoy hiking, reading, traveling, gardening, watching movies and writing.

Coaching with me

I can be your life navigator through a program that will take you from where you are now (stuck, frustrated, bored, unhappy) to confident and satisfied as you discover the best ways to define your desires and create a vision to achieve it.
I use the evocative coaching method which empowers the client to achieve desired outcomes while enhancing their quality of Life. This is an iterative process that moves beyond old ways of thinking, doing and being. If you have a feeling that coaching with me would benefit you, it would be my honor and privilege to partner with you.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • DreamBuilder coaching certification
  • Life Mastery consulting certification
  • project management professional certification
I worked in the corporate world in project management for the utility industry until I realized I wanted to help people transition through life's difficulties as I had. I know the value of working with a life coach since I worked with one who helped me navigate through my divorce, the empty nest syndrome, job loss, loss of a home, forgiveness for others and myself and spiritual growth and understanding.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD


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