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Kymberlee Hoskins-Hinchey

Tacoma, Washington, United States
Online Grief Coaching for those experiencing grief and loss
Grief coach

About me

I help those experiencing grief and loss to navigate their personal journey through pain and into eventual peace. It is true, "To get through it, you have to go through it." But you don't have to go through it alone. As a grief coach, I am there to bear witness to that journey, step by step. I will hear your story and see your pain. I will help you find your way through the maze of loss and address old wounds that are brought to the surface in grief.

Coaching with me


Coaching is an interactive experience where we will travel your grief journey together and seek a way forward through the myriad of feelings and memories that come up with grief and loss. Tapping into your psyche and finding the wounds that need to be addressed, both in your present stage of grief and your past, can lead to transformational healing. It is my goal to help you get there. There is no rush to a conclusion and no right way of doing it. We will find a way for you to navigate a world that might seem foreign without our loved ones there. 


Grief coaching is: Creating a gentle, welcoming environment for you to enter your own journey of self-discovery and healing. I will be there to witness that and help you move forward.   

Personal coaching is like holding a ladder up to the top of your mind while you look it over and see for yourself what is there.

Each session begins with a gentle reminder of this process and a question to start us off: What’s on your mind today? There are no right answers. There are no wrong answers.  Maybe you'll have an absolute goal for that day. Maybe you just want to talk and see where it takes us. It is grief support on your schedule, in your way.



Private one-on-one coaching sessions

Private package (8 week)



Meet on Zoom via private link


Short courses or group coaching

Free online grief group

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Grief Educator
  • Certified Professional Life Coach
  • Certified Grief Movement Guide

My journey into the world of grief and loss began with the death of my son, Adrian. In that same year, I also became a widow and my dear animal companion died. Everything changed but the world continued. I often felt like an alien pretending to be human, just going through the motions. I found little genuine grief support. My experience finding my way to a life with meaning inspired me to become a grief coach, to help those suffering loss, providing a helping heart to guide them.

Fee description

Fees: to $649 USD

Initial consultation to meet and discuss your needs. This is $25 that will be refunded if we do not decide to work together or subtracted from the first weekly session if we do.

$110 per hour, single sessions

$649 8-week journey package (can be paid in installments)

Rates vary depending on the service chosen. 

However, if your funds are limited, we offer several pro bono (free) sessions per month. Please inquire about booking one of these spots if you cannot afford grief coaching. 


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