lifecoach $150 USD Laura Kronen Laura Kronen Known as the Best Life Coach in Atlanta, Laura Kronen's Organization is Be You Only Better.
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Laura Kronen

BS, MP in NLP, Speaker, Author 
Atlanta, United States
Known as the Best Life Coach in Atlanta, Laura Kronen's Organization is Be You Only Better.

About me

Do you want to build confidence, improve your relationships, achieve health goals, start a business or overcome obstacles? Do you want to experience transformation? My ideal client wants to find true happiness, improve their self confidence, boost self-esteem and feel empowered.

I am a Life Coach, health, fitness, and image expert, entrepreneur, writer and founder of BE YOU ONLY BETTER. Focusing on the concept of finding and nurturing your authentic self and locating your inner passions are the premises behind my life coaching and consulting business. Building confidence, setting goals and guiding clients are my passions.

I also specialize in clients who have chronic disorders such as diabetes that add additional challenges to their lives. What makes me qualified? I am a Type 1 diabetic and writing a book on that very subject.

I am not the type of coach to take on as many clients as possible, I carefully select my clients with the same weight they put forth in choosing me. I only take on clients that I am certain we will have a synergy to be able to successfully move forward together.

My background is not only in life coaching, but entrepreneurial ventures as well. In fact, I was recently featured as one of Inc Magazine’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs of the Year, and in many other media outlets.

In addition to Transitional Life Coaching and Entrepreneurial Coaching, I also specialize in Relationship Coaching. Helping clients to improve their family bonds as well as helping those who want to meet and attract long-term friendships or partners. We focus on communication, body language, interpersonal skills, sociology and psychology.

I am certified at the master level in Transformational Coaching, NLP, and Hypnosis. I graduated summa cum laude with a BS in Marketing, am a member of Alpha Delta Pi, have 2 children, love to bake, am a competitive tennis player and a Pure Barre addict.

Coaching with me

Having been called the Best Life Coach in Atlanta, I have a distinct style of coaching.

I am dedicated to motivating and empowering you to achieve what you have only dreamed of. Together we will orchestrate and execute a plan that will result in more meaningful relationships, accomplishments and rewarding goals.

Perhaps you want to improve your confidence and self esteem, find your inner passions, get healthy, build a business from the ground up, start living in the moment,or improve your relationships with loved ones- life coaching is the most effective way to go about that. But, I am not your typical life coach. Sugar coating is not my style. Boot camp realism is. You will be held accountable on a daily basis.
Motivation is the first key to success with any goal but that often fizzles out when you hit an obstacle. Working with me, you will never lose steam. Everything you want can and will be yours if you just keep moving forward.

You will see results because YOU are going to make them happen. You will be held accountable for all of your actions and I will be there beside you to cheer you on. I am your 'not so silent' partner accompanying you on your path to personal success. Life Coaching with me is not once a week for an hour. I am available on text and email whenever you want to reach out and I encourage you to do so.

Couple that open communication with my background and the thousands of hours of experience coaching, you will see why my strategies and methods are unparalleled.


Individual Sessions are $125 per 50 minutes

All sessions are done via phone (or Skype for international clients)

Student rates available.
Short courses or group coaching
Group coaching available for up to 4 people at $150/50 minutes. Topics range and can be chosen in advance of calls.

Group sessions also can be done in person in the form of corporate packages or conference break out sessions. Please contact to discuss your company's needs and rates.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Master in Transformational Life Coaching
  • Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis
  • Bachelor of Science
As an entrepreneur, I’ve been honored to be featured by Inc. as one of their Top Ten Entrepreneurs of the Year, in Working Mother Magazine, Marie Claire, as well as in countless other media outlets. I created a patented product called Belly Ups which holds women’s low-rise pants and leggings up. I also developed, directed and produced the multi award-winning Baby Road Trip video series and created various other consulting and service oriented businesses.

In addition to Transformational Life Coaching, Family Coaching, Entrepreneurial Coaching, and Health and Weight Management Coaching, I also specialize in Relationship Coaching-directing and training clients to improve their success in relationships while focusing on various aspects of meeting and attracting long-term partners and meeting more compatible prospects is our goal. We focus on confidence, communication, body language, interpersonal skills,psychology, sociology and compatibility. Believe it or not, there is a science to it!

Please take a moment to also read the Be You Only Better blog. Daily features include self-help tips, top 10 lists and product and service recommendations, all of which help to improve your confidence, your image, your look and your life. Any life coach that pretends to be positive and perfect 100% of the time is not authentic. Why try to tackle your problems with someone who covers theirs? Here I am, the real me.

Nothing brings me more satisfaction than helping others let their inner self shine. Please join me in making the world a more happy, positive, energetic, and confident place.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $150 USD

$150 Group Rate up to 4 people
$125 individual Life Coaching Sessions
$100 Student Rate

Please contact me for Corporate rates and packages.


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