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Laura Roberts

Qualified and Accredited Life Coach 
I help people who are feeling unfulfilled and lost to find happiness, purpose and meaning

About me

I am passionate about creating a better world. A world where people are happy and doing something that they find fulfilling, something they are proud to tell people about, something that makes them smile.

I want to help create that world, that ideal future, one step at a time, one person at a time. My mission is to find people like you who are stuck, bored, fed up of their lives. You know something is missing, something needs to change, but you aren't sure what to do next or how to do it.

I am here to help you make that change. I am here to put a smile on your face. To make you proud of what you do. To make you happy.

Together we can create a happier world, one step at a time.

Coaching with me

By working with me, you will:

Discover what it is that makes your heart sing and will make you jump out of bed on a Monday morning, delighted to be alive!

Work out the steps you need to take to get yourself living that perfect life with your ideal job.

Clarify the obstacles or blocks which have got in your way in the past. Work out how you can overcome them this time.

Build up your confidence and self esteem to make the jump to quit your job and make your next move.

Create an action plan of how to get there - what you need to do, who will help you, how you will do it and most importantly how you will feel when you get there.

Have someone to cheer you on and celebrate your success along the way!

I am very much a client-centred coach. I believe that you are the expert in you. I can help you get the best out of yourself and feel great about yourself and what you can achieve. I will give you ideas and support if you feel you need it, or if you are feeling stuck, but I think the best, long-term change comes when you decide for yourself what the best thing is for you.

I am a great believer in my clients abilities to change and I am so proud of everyone who even takes the step to get in touch as it is a big deal to ask for help and admit that you want to change. I am on your side and I want you to succeed!


I help people who are feeling unfulfilled and lost in life to take control, find out what it is they want to do and help them to make it happen. I help people find happiness, purpose and meaning in their lives so that they can live life to their full potential.
I offer private coaching online through Skype, helping you to achieve your goals from wherever you are in the world. Online coaching gives you the flexibility to have coaching whenever you are ready for it and in an environment you feel comfortable in. I have years of experience delivering online coaching and I have had just as good results from that as from face-to-face sessions.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Graduate Diploma in Psychology, 2008
  • CIPD Learning and Development Practice Certificate, 2010
  • Certificate in Coaching, Centre for Coaching, Nov 2012
  • BA Sociology and Economics, 2000
  • The Coaching Academy weekend
  • Certificate in Executive Coaching, Academy of Executive Coaching, 2011
  • NLP Taster session
I have been where you are. I spent 5 years in a job I didn't enjoy. It was fine. It paid the bills, but it gave me no joy (except the pay cheque!) I stayed there for such a long time, knowing I wanted to leave, but not feeling able to go. Not knowing what was next. I probably stayed there for about 3 years after I stopped enjoying it.

But eventually after boring my boyfriend, friends and family about it, I decided to leave. I went on a trip to Australia and I worked in Tanzania on an HIV education programme. I loved the freedom and the difference. But eventually, I had to come home and back to reality!

When I got back to a grey London day, my heart sank as I knew I had to get back to the grindstone and back on the 9-5 wagon. I got myself a job which was fine, but I soon realised that something needed to change again. I wasn't going to wait another 5 years in this job! So I took some time out to decide what I wanted to do.

I talked to people about it, I wrote lists, I scored different options, and eventually I came to the conclusion that London was the place to be and that I needed to find the right job. Having worked in Africa, I really wanted to go in to international development, but it was very competitive. With the help of a brilliant recruiter, he worked out that I could definitely get a job in fundraising that I had discounted, thinking I wouldn't have the right skills. I got the interview the next day, and was offered the job the day after that. I got a flat with a great friend, and was on such a high!

It was a wonderful role in a fun, friendly, successful team. But after time, I knew I wanted to set up my own business as a coach. I did a lot of coaching of my team of fundraisers and I loved it. Again though I had the same feelings that I didn't want to take the plunge, could I pay my bills etc. As it happened, the decision was made for me as the team was made redundant as the charity will be making a huge change in the way it works in a few years time. It was a big shock, and although I had wanted to leave for some time, I still felt really sad to be going. But, it was a great opportunity for me and enabled me to set up my business and really go for it.

So here I am with my sparkly new business and great enthusiasm for helping people to do the same as me - whether you want a change or you've been made redundant, I know I can help you realise your dream and create your ideal future.

Fee description

Fees: from $60 USD

If you would like to learn more about me and my approach, I offer a free initial consultation call. It is 30 minutes long and will give you the chance to get to know me and to see if you think I can help you.

If you are happy to go ahead, we will then book in our first coaching session. I charge £60 per hour for coaching sessions.


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