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Coach Laurie Heap M.D.
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Laurie Heap M.D.

M.D. and wellness expert 
Kansas City, Kansas, United States
Laurie Heap M.D. has been educating patients on how to THRIVE! for the past 17 years!

About me

My personal mission statement is to empower people with the knowledge and skills they need to live a thriving life. I have been doing this for the past 17 years? Why? When going through medical school, I was observing how many people were failing to thrive. Not just from a health perspective but also in their jobs, relationships and from a personal satifaction perspective. I asked the question: "Why are many people falling short of their goal to live an awesome life?" If you step back and look at research in the areas of psychology, neuroscience, and medicine, it becomes clear many are operating in an information gap and doing things that are counterproductive to thriving...without knowing it! This has lead to years of looking at research and translating it into usable and actionable steps in peoples lives! Everyone wants to THRIVE! all we need is a little guidance as to how to make a rockin' life reality.

Coaching with me

Life. Love. Health. Happiness. Success. I help people THRIVE! in every area of life!
Connect and redirect in order to inspire and motivate is my style of coachin. We will act as a team to illuminate aspects of your life or habits in your daily routine that are dragging you down while learning research based skills and ways of thinking that will build you up!

Topics and skills we will cover include: Starting a life list, dealing with distressed states of mind productively, the black hole of supernormal stimuli, health and hormone balance, building a life with full meaning, rockin' romance, harnessing the power and motivation of your emotions.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

One on one hourly sessions scheduled at regular intervals.
Information in the form of podcasts and reading materials along with actions to take and reflection in journaling. Information and actions are weekly. The complete cycle is 40 weeks.

There are several tracts including: Parenting series, relationships series, individual wellness series for professionals, individual wellness series for students
Short courses or group coaching
Eight week course with reading materials and podcasts along with actions to take and group discussion questions for reflection.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Medical Doctor
  • Mindsight
  • Positive psychology
  • Natural hormone balance
I am a wife, mother and doctor dedicated to helping people THRIVE! Concern for a a desire to help others lead me into medicine and then away for clinical practice and toward a more holistic approach to wellness. We cannot thrive unless both our personal and professional lives are satisfying and meaningful. Most people know this but few actually attain it. I am here to help people feel physical, psychologically and relationally well. All aspects of the person need to be in working in order to make this happen. It is a wonderful challenge that is completely possible.

Fee description

Fees: to $225 USD

Initial meeting in a one on one session is $225 and each follow up session is $110/hour

Ongoing online coaching is $25/month


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