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Laurie Morefield

Women's Fitness/Wellness Coach 
Northern Virginia, Virginia, United States
Lighthearted, funny, compassionate, motivating, encouraging, non-judgemental, tenacious, upbeat, womens holistic wellness and fitness coach!
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About me

Ok, here's my story (and I'm sticking to it!)

I'm a fitness professional from Richmond, Virginia. I've taken my love for my community and personal health and wellness and turned it into a unique approach to fitness training and holistic education.

I hold a degree in Respiratory Therapy as well as being both a certified personal trainer and wellness coach. My company, Pirate Girl Fitness Company LLC, combines traditional personal training methodology with holistic lifestyle coaching to address the wellness of the whole person, mind and body. Achieving ultimate health and happiness is the ultimate goal. Right?

I have many years of experience working with hundreds of ladies that either attended my free Saturday boot camps for our local community, one-on-one sessions, or my wildly popular weekly ”booty” camps! It wasn’t until recently that I decided to go down a different path. Realizing that my clients needed more specialized attention, more one-on-one attention. I decided to move away from the boot camp scene and focus more on individualized programs. Realizing that even though exercise is crucial to overall wellness, it was just one piece of the puzzle. I also feel, and know, that exercise and eating healthy is not just about your waistline, but more about living a long, happy, healthy, quality-filled life.

So, my programs address it ALL. Is your mind in the game? Are you ready for real change, lifelong change? Are you ready to do the work? There's no get-fit-quick scheme here! It took a while for you to get where you are now, it's gonna take a bit to get you to where you want to be. You have to be ready, mind, body and spirit!

Coaching with me

Some coaches will tell you that they will get you any results that you're looking for. Any! Would the real truth please stand up're accountable for your own results. (Whew, I said it!) I only guide you there! I give you all of the tools you could possibly need, you build the project (the new and improved you)

Do I know what I'm doing? heck yeah! And if I can do it, anyone can. I lost 100 pounds, changed the way I ate, and changed my thoughts! You, beautiful lady, can be, do and have ANYTHING you want. ANYTHING! I can guide you there and would love to be your co-pilot :) We'll get you well and fit, mind, body and spirit!

Firstly, If you like the extremely serious coach, I'm probably not your girl. I like to joke, I like to laugh. Did you know that people who watch comedians and funny movies live longer? I know when I need to be serious, no worries!

I'll place you in the center of every session, It's all about you! I accept you just as you are and where you are, no exceptions! You are a beautiful soul! I'll guide you, motivate you, encourage you (I'll be your biggest fan you know?) we'll get there!
My style of coaching is one of compassion, understanding, humor, developing a "sisterhood" and being non-judgemental.

We'll take some steps before beginning your journey and they'll go like this:

* You'll visualize your ultimate, most sexiest GOAL :) What do you want to achieve? How do you want to feel? What do you want to look like?

* Are you COMMITTED to do what it takes to reach your goal?

* Describe your STRENGTHS

* Describe your WEAKNESSES

* Design your ACTION plan

* Take ACTION!!

Once we take care of the above steps, here's what we'll do to support and reach your GOALS:

1. Sensible Exercise- designed with all of your needs in mind. Do you have physical limitations. What type of equipment do you have access to? No worries we've got you covered from body weight exercises to gym equipment. Your workouts are designed specific to you and no one else. You'll have access to an online personal training portal with your customized workouts. These are not computer generated, I design them personally :)

2. Nutrition- You know you ARE what you eat, right? There's a lot, and I mean a lot, of misinformation out there. We'll learn about organic, non-gmo foods to start. I'll give you plenty of healthy eating ideas and info. Nutrition, in my professional opinion, makes up to 80% off your weight loss efforts. (that's if weight loss is your main goal) Proper supplementation is huge as well. There are a handful that you can take that serve multi purposes. Quality here, just as in food, is crucial! New statistics state that 1 out of every 2 Americans will develop cancer in their lifetime. Wow! It doesn't have to be this way, you just have to educate yourself about what you put into that beautiful mouth of yours, ok?

3. Mindset- Where's your head at? The CDC states that 85% of dis-ease is tied to our emotions. Do you sit around and think about being sick and unhealthy? Because if you do, chances are you will be! So knock it off, and if you can't, we'll work on that too :) You also have to have a certain level of committment to change your lifestyle. This program is based on lifestyle-change.


Private sessions can be held in my office in Richmond, Va, by phone, or Skype!
Online coaching is held via Skype.
Short courses or group coaching
Various group trainings will be offered. This will be done online as a group via Skype. Some will done via modules at pre-scheduled times. Some will also be offered at various locations throughout Richmond, Va and Northern Va.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Wellness Coach
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Degree in Respiratory Therapy
I've been involved in the healthcare arena for over 25 years in some way or another. Whether working Respiratory Therapy in one of many local hospitals, private duty nursing or personal training, I've seen a lot. I love people, I love talking to people and I love helping people. Helping people to have a better quality of life is what, I feel, my lifes purpose is. My work experience has afforded me the opportunity to witness the highs and lows of life. Death was never easy to watch, especially when a lifestyle change could have prevented it.

Anyway,we only get one shot ya'll! I'm going to live to be 105 (my three sons roll their eyes when I tell them that. I know what they're thinking... O.M.G! Yep, it's like that around here!)

Fee description

Fees: from $180 USD to $1080 USD

I offer various programs. I like to have a minimum of 3 sessions per month with a client. I month minimum.


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