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Leah Long

Certified Life Coach  
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

Let me help you discover the solution that you seek is already within you!!

About me

I am a Certified Life Coach currently living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology with a concentration on Substance Abuse and Certification in NLP.

My primary coaching focus is trauma related struggles such as addictions, relationship difficulties, and general self-esteem issues that are keeping you stuck.

I can help you with ADHD/ADD to combat the struggles of time management, focus, and the other frustrating disruptions in life that you deal with.

As one with ADHD, I have created processes that have helped me develop
more structure in my life which resulted in less stress.

Let me help you discover how your life can be more fulfilling and find more success in all you endeavor to achieve!

In addition to living with ADHD/ADD, I am a trauma survivor and have been working on Complex PTSD recovery for many years. My trauma began the day I was born and continued throughout my life.

I have used a combination of Eastern and Western modalities in my process of self-healing, integrating aspects of modalities from Eastern medicine and Shamanic healing, where each one has contributed to the whole process of my personal growth and increased resiliency and decreased emotional suffering using a holistic, spiritual philosophy.

It is my belief that the body is an amazing creation and can heal itself. However, when trauma is ongoing, and the body is not allowed to recover back to homeostasis naturally, but there are many ways to allow that process to take place.

I have in my personal journey and believe that everyone has a personal story and will have different needs in their discovery toward resolution. I can teach you the processes I use but the ultimate healer is you! The information is already within you. It is my experience that by helping you reach within yourself to find those answers, self-healing can begin.

The body, spirit, and mind work together in harmony as designed and when addressed individually and holistically, self-healing can take place naturally.

I believe that through the Coach/Client relationship I can help you deal with the effects of traumatic events that have occurred, regardless of what events, large or small that have resulted in difficulties in life and gain the potential to live an amazing life with new hope.



I offer packages for 3-month programs and 6-month programs. Each includes a one-hour session per week and a secret Facebook Support Group


My coaching sessions are through Zoom and I don't do one time hourly sessions because I believe that to gain the best results in resolving the struggles need a commitment of at least 3 months. After 3 months, the option to continue on a monthly basis is available should you feel additional coaching would be helpful.

Short courses or group coaching

Group coaching along with the secret Facebook Support group once a week through Zoom.

Fee description

Fees: from $35 USD to $900 USD

The secret Facebook Support Group and Group coaching are 35.00 a month.
The packages range from $300.00 to $900.00 and the Facebook Support Group is included in all packages.
I do not do one time sessions with the exception for clients that have completed a program and chooses not to continue on a monthly basis has the option of an hour session if needed and my hourly rate is $130.00


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