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Leann Ferry

Sacramento, California, United States

Leadership & Life Coach: clarity, strengths, mindsets, and courage to reach your goals.

About me

Life threw me a curveball in 2010. Life throws us all curveballs. Mine was breast cancer. Your challenges, goals and fears will be different than mine. But rest assured, I know from personal experience as well as from my professional training how to take difficult situations and turn them into successes. It takes commitment, clarity, focus, a goal, a plan and above all COURAGE TO ACT. I can support you as you face your own challenges.

In 2011, 6 months after the end of surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, I did my first ever technical mountain climb and I summited Mount Shasta in California. You see, for me it was all about setting a big lofty goal and staying in motion toward it. The goal kept me from feeling sorry for myself, kept me from being stuck and helped me feel healthy and alive. For me, it was all about staying in purposeful motion to make my life what I wanted it to be.

Going after goals is a part of who I have always been and in 2012 when I realized I could help other people do it too as my profession, I became a professional life and leadership coach, entrepreneur and business woman. I am not the same person I was before cancer. By transforming myself, I transformed my life. And you can do that too, no matter what goals or challenges you have.

You do it by doing what I did. You get clear on your situation, increase your self-awareness and set goals in line with your values and purpose. Then you go after them with focus, direction and courageous momentum!  As you move forward, you are changing your life step by step. As you change, others can't help but change in response to you. By being your best and living authentically, you give others permission to do so also. And so, you are not only transforming yourself, but the world too. This is what I believe and how I live my life. This is what drives me to help others achieve their highest potential.

Coaching with me


After working with me, you will:

  • Know where you are at right now in your leadership, life, work and/or relationships. 

  • Have clarity of your unique values, needs, and strengths

  • Have created a vision for your future aligned with your authentic self, values, and purpose 

  • Know when you are living in alignment and when you are not and how that affects you. 

  • Have designed goals and a plan aligned with your authentic self and what you really want to create in your leadership, life, work, and relationships. 

  • Have increased your self-awareness of your limiting beliefs and thinking patterns. 

  • Have explored new growth mindsets, skills, behaviors 

  • Be  more solid in who you are, what you want, and what steps you need to take to create the life, work, and relationships you truly want. 

  • Increased ability to be courageous and take action, grow your confidence, and live-regret free. 

  • Have methodically designed purpose driven goal(s) and gotten into action acomplishing them. 


I am professional, friendly, kind, supportive, nonjudgmental and compassionately direct. I am a professional listener, question asker, and truth sayer. This is what you will be paying me for. I will ask you things that make you go "hmmm" or say "good question." I give you lots of time to think. As we get to know and trust each other, I think you will find my sessions a safe place to pause and get comfortable being honest with yourself and open-minded about the possibilities for moving forward. 

My sessions are structured: opening with session goal setting, then having the coaching conversation and wrapping up with insights and actions going forward. You are always in control of where we take a session. I am the guide that gets you to where you say you want to go. 

I have a degree in Biology and years of training in communication skills. I coach a lot of scientist, government, and small business leaders, and love to use science-based and positive psychology backed tools and activities. So if you are looking for less science and structure, I may not be the right coach for you. I do not help clients manifest their destinies. I do help clients go deep, figure out who there are, what they want, what they need to do (or change) to get what they want and overcome the roadblocks that are getting in their way. 

In my Executive Leadership, Life, and Communication Coaching with clients, I use models and approaches from positive psychology, behavioral psychology, organizational development, strengths-based approaches, and my own coaching model based on clarity, mindsets, and courage.

I emphasize clarity. If you know who you are, what you need, what you want, where you are at right now and where you want to get to in the future, that's clarity. Clarity is unique to you and it takes some work to get it because we are often operating under someone else's values and ideas of what's right or wrong. To find clarity, you have to dig deep and decide what's yours to own and what you have taken on board from others without thinking. Ultimately, clarity is finding your authenticity. Creating the life, work, and relationships you truly want to create will take clarity and I will guide you there.  

I emphasize awareness of mindsets and being able to shift them. You can have limiting mindsets and growth mindsets. If you are aware of your biases and the beliefs you hold (things that may or may not be true about yourself and others) then you are aware of your mindsets. Mindset is the way we think about things and attribute meaning to them. Our mindsets sometimes don't serve us very well, limit our options, and hold us back from seeing new opportunities. Creating the life, work and relationships you truly want will take awareness and shifting to more expansive and courageous mindsets and I will guide you there.   

I emphasize courage because your unique path forward is likely littered with many obstacles including your own lack of clarity, self-doubt, and fear. As a cancer survivor, I bring a unique perspective on courage. If you know it's the right thing to do, are afraid to do it, but you do it anyway, that's courage in action. Courage is personal, takes practice, and creates confidence. The life, work, and relationships you truly want will take courage and I will guide you there.

What would you do with more clarity, a more powerful mindset and courage? You can work with me to find out. 


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings. You can also book a free coaching call with me.


Executive Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching, Communication Coaching: private one-on-one, small group coaching, and courses. 

I provide private one-one leadership coaching to leaders, emerging leaders, and women leaders. I provie one on one life coaching to anyone who is wanting to do the hard work of being honest with themselves, developing clarity and growing in courage to be the kind of leaders and people they truly aspire to be.


Here's what you get when you work with me: 

  • Confidential and nonjudgemental space to be honest with yourself and explore possiblities and ideas

  • Me as your sounding board & thinking partner

  • Actionable feedback  

  • Clear outcomes

  • Tailored guidance

  • Accountability

  • You in action toward your goals and overcoming roadblocks. 


I provide all my coaching packages in a virtual format as well.

We in private one-one but over the LifeCoachHub Dashboard. We don't meet live, which makes this a very affordable option if you are looking for a low budget but high value process. I provide coaching to leaders, emerging leaders, women leaders, and anyone who is wanting to do the hard work of being honest with themselves, developing clarity, and growing in courage to be the kind of leaders and people they truly aspire to be.

If you do not see a virtual option in the store for a package you would like, please email me directly. 

Here's what you get in a virtual package: 

What you get: 
• Virtual coaching with me through your LifeCoacHub Dashboard.
• Tailored coaching from me as we communicate through LifeCoachHub Dashboard.
• Weekly check-in dates where you submit weekly progress and receive comments, questions and coaching from me at the LifeCoachHub Dashboard over our coaching term.
• Learning content such as goal tracking, journalling, written/reading/video viewing homework assignments.
• Me as your guide and private sounding board throughout the entire process.

Short courses or group coaching

Courses Under Construction

Speak Up Easier - a short course on what you can do to make speaking up and getting what you want a whole lot easier. This course will have you creating a personalized speak up plan for real-life situations you find difficult.   

Resilience - a science-backed self-study course showing you what you can do to increase your resilience and live a happier more fulfilling life.

The Courageous Mindset Group - online coaching group, by invitation only, working annually in pursuit of goals and regret-free living. 10 people (max.) per group working together for clarity, using strengths, overcoming obstacles, and getting into sustained action toward your personal and professional goals. 

Fee description

Fees: from $200 USD to $3000 USD

By the Package:

Courageous Mindset® Leadership - 6 Month Package - Unique program to increase self-awareness, clarity, focus, action & goal achievement. Starts at $1998.

What you get: 

  • 12 private sessions over 6 months / once every 2 weeks

  • Text and email access to me anytime. 

  • Session summaries, action items, curated leadership content 

  • Short Check-ins by phone to prep for meetings, presentations, public speaking.

Courageous Mindset® Clarity Live Sessions - 3 Month package - apply a courageous mindset to all facets of life, work and relationships, assess where you are at, set your vision and goals, gain clarity on strengths, roadblocks, self-doubt, and self-limiting beliefs, create a plan and get into action. Starts at $597.

What you get: 

  • 6 private sessions over 3 months.

  • Learning content between sessions. 

  • Me as your private sounding board 

By Annual Membership: 

Courageous Mindset® Annual Group Coaching - unique monthly support and coaching group to pursue audacious goals in life, work, and relationships and to stay on track with creating a regret-free life. Starts at $127.

What you get:

2 hours of coaching per month: 90 minutes in the same small group (10 people max); 30 minutes private plus much much more! 


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