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Lee Hicks

Amazon #1 Best Selling Author 
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Author, Entrepreneur, Executive, Sales Leader, Coach, and Public Speaker
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FEES from $200 USD to $15000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Reach Your Most Ambitious Goals
Transform Your Life
Make the World A Better Place

When you lift your expectations higher, when you expect more from yourself, you make true transformation possible. That’s what Lee Hicks has been helping organizations, professionals and students achieve for over 28 years.

As an entrepreneur, a consultant, a speaker, an author and a philanthropist, Lee’s talent has touched some of the biggest names in business worldwide. You really can reinvent yourself and your organization. You can achieve more than ever in your career. You can even help change the world. It all starts here.

Lee is a natural born coach, teacher and leader who loves to inspire and motivate clients with real-life examples, humorous anecdotes and time-tested principles that enable each client to live a “YES YOU CAN” life!

Lee has served and inspired numerous Fortune 500 companies, early stage start-ups, non-profits, educational institutions and individuals. Clients engage him time and time again because of his ability to deliver meaningful content that connects with the individual or audience, equips them for success and encourages them to “raise their game while they help others do the same.”

Making The Best Even Better!

Coaching with me

Your Objective is Our Mission... Your Future is Our Purpose

It's Time to Hold Coaching and Consulting to a Higher Standard... OURS!

To truly be successful, you have to able to capitalize and realize the potential. That’s where Lee Hicks makes the greatest difference. As the Founder and CEO of Empowered Student, an H2 Strategies, LLC Company, Lee has created a “Leadership Network” of the most successful people and technologies behind the industry’s leading coaching, mentoring and training organization.

Beyond our core expertise we offer an innovative, collaborative cloud-based resource that allows for ongoing growth on both individual and organizational levels.

The most successful leaders and organizations realize that change is constant and learning should never end. With that in mind, we created the Adaptive University Platform.

This innovative community allows you to continuously engage with subject matter experts – some of the most respected people in their respective fields. You’ll develop the tools and skills that will keep your career moving forward, adapting to change and enjoying ongoing success.
With Lee Hicks, you partner with an expert who has successfully led, operated, and directed both complex projects and companies. Lee isn't a “theorists,” he is a passionate and adaptive thought leader who possess the skills to help you navigate today’s disruptive environment and the experience to help accelerate your success.

I listen with respect for your personal and professional purpose and needs.

I assess by honoring the best of who you are, and with an ear to identifying opportunities that overcome obstacles and the competition.

I counsel with you, partnering with you to create a plan of action that is both motivating and manageable.

I deliver high quality solutions that resonate with your values, dreams, and objectives.

I advocate strategies that create sustainability and energy for effective implementation with and without my continued coaching and engagement.


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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Birkman Certified Consultant
Entrepreneur, Executive, Sales Leader, Mentor, Coach, Public Speaker, Philanthropist and Author with over 29 years experience in leading early & late stage technology companies, selling, coaching and Winning in the Adaptive Sales environment.

As an Entrepreneur, founded a Unified Collaboration and Healthcare IT company in July of 2008 that was bought by Newell Rubbermaid, Fortune 500 company, in September 2011.

As an Executive, Sales Professional and Coach / Consultant, personally touched the Heart of every team member, client and launch event attendee driving them to a new level of both personal and professional accomplishment following these principles:

> Live life knowing… "YES YOU CAN!"
> "U-B-U"... Understand first… then be Understood
> Always have a "HEART FOR LEARNING"
> "G-2-G"… Give to Get, the essence of TRUST
> "I.B.A.R"... Inputs drive Beliefs, Beliefs drive Actions, Actions drive Results. In order to achieve Great Results, focus on the Inputs and be surrounded, mentored and inspired by GREAT PEOPLE!

Lee has a Finance degree from The University of Georgia and has been a part of great organizations including Ceridian, Dun & Bradstreet Software, SAP, Steelcase, The Complex Sale, DSG Consulting and C PORT Solutions.... a Newell Rubbermaid Company and Kodiak Group.

Lee is married to an amazing wife Fredda and they have two children Bentley-Grace and Henry.

Fee description

Fees: from $200 USD to $15000 USD

Private Coaching | $200 per hour | $1,500 per day

Team Coaching | $1,500.00 - $5,000 per day based on Team size

Public Speaking | $2,500 - $15,000 based on length and audience size

Empowered Student | Seminar | $595.00

Empowered Student | 1-on-1 Coaching (3 1 hour sessions | $500.00

Empowered Student | Parent Seminar Attendee Fee | $100.00

Empowered Student | Triple Play Bundle | $995.00


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