lifecoach $1000 USD Leon VanderPol Leon VanderPol I offer a unique form of coaching called Deep Coaching. It opens you to Who You Are!
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Leon VanderPol

PCC (Professional Certified Coach) 
Taipei, Taiwan
I offer a unique form of coaching called Deep Coaching. It opens you to Who You Are!
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FEES from $850 USD to $1000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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I offer a unique form of transformational coaching- what I call DEEP COACHING- that allows you to open to and realize the greater possibilities that lie within yourself.

Deep coaching is transformational, at all levels of your being (mind, body, spirit)
Deep coaching is spirit-based and heart-centered
Deep coaching is healing and integrating

It has been my privilege to coach and mentor a wide variety of extraordinary people from all over the world. I love to engage people in compelling conversations that inspire them to live fuller, more meaningful lives--lives lived from the voice of their heart and soul.

I am always amazed by what is created in that space, when we tune in and act on what spirit is calling us to ignite within ourselves.

If you are ready to be uplifted, to live from that still small voice inside, and to express your light brightly into the world, work with me.
We meet via Skype.
Ongoing training
Visit me at the Center for Transformational Coaching to learn more about the Deep Coaching Intensive coach training program.

Fee description

Fees: from $850 USD to $1000 USD

This is a per month fee for 4 sessions.

Minimum coaching agreement: Our coaching will be for a minimum of 4 months. (I work with most of my clients from 1-2 years, some for longer. You may choose to renew after 4 months).


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