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Lillybeth Melmoth

Image & Identity Coaching for Women 
Tauranga, New Zealand
Stunning Soul Makeovers for women. Transformation inside and out with makeup + coaching.
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OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $770 USD to $1470 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

My story starts when I was nine years old. I got my first pimple.

Acne was the cause of some pretty clever insult-names when I was 10 and 11. For my intermediate school play, I was last in line for the teacher-applied makeup, in case the makeup sponges they used on me transferred my spots to the other students. When I was 12, I was wearing foundation to school every day.

Bad skin messed up my school photos (helped by the addition of braces) and didn’t improve through high school. Acne was near the top of the list in my teenage prayers. I wondered if my bad skin was given to me for a purpose - maybe to teach me something I could use later in life... I struggled with red scabs that took months to heal (See photos on my website).

I know the embarrassment image-challenges can create; the frustration, hurt, feelings of inferiority or victimhood. But after years of skin and makeup mishaps, plus professional experience, I’ve discovered how makeup can be used not only to conceal flaws but to release a person to greater things than worrying about how they look.

I’ve discovered when you feel attractive, a sense of freedom and gratitude powers your day. You tackle tough times with more resilience, as a victor, rather than a victim. And when you see the beauty in yourself, you start to see beauty everywhere.

Now I use professional makeup to release joy, self-appreciation and potential in others. I aim to transfer what I’ve discovered and the Hope I’ve found to women of all ages, offering a refreshingly honest, sane approach to the crazy world of beauty.

Coaching with me

I work with ambitious women who want to experience transformation inside and out, with makeup + coaching.

You could be my client if you're starting a new project (business or passion), a small business owner or considering a career in the makeup or beauty industry, and want to discover your best makeup colours and techniques for instant outer beauty.

With the power of makeup and coaching combined, you'll discover a new level of personal beauty and how stunning you can look in skillfully applied makeup...but also how to use professional makeup techniques in your own everyday (or special occasions) routine.

Then with this fresh perspective of yourself, we delve into powerful coaching conversations to explore the treasure within you - your passions, strengths and dreams, and use these to get more clarity about who you are and to create a compelling vision for your ideal business and life.

We'll uncover hidden challenges that could be holding you back. And you'll leave each session invigorated and refreshed!
One-on-one, with a combination of creative exercises using basic visual mediums (whiteboard, paper, drawing, writing etc) and practical makeup application instruction.


Is it time to ‘makeover’ your outsides...and change your life? Makeup is a great start, but real confidence, strength and freedom from life’s challenges and heart-level issues can’t be found in cosmetics alone.

This unique service blends makeup (image) with life coaching (identity) to transform you from the inside out. Enjoy the full range of Lillybeth’s makeup services to refresh your outer image, while benefiting from powerful coaching conversations for 2 months or just 1 day - you choose.

Get the support and insights you need to discover and start fulfilling your true, authentic purpose.

Your Stunning Soul Makeover may include:

• The Full Makeup Consultation with before/after photos
• Written makeup application notes
• Inspiration board
• Smarts Swatch
• Refillable makeup compact in your best colours
• Makeup Bag Makeover
• Your makeup personally applied by Lillybeth

As well as unlimited coaching for your chosen period, your Stunning Soul Makeover comes with a happiness guarantee.

Fee description

Fees: from $770 USD to $1470 USD

• Stunning Soul Makeover - 2 month makeup intensive ($1470)

• Stunning Soul Makeover - 1 day private workshop ($770)


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