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I will help you have the life you want. Stress management, relationships, addictions, self-confidence, ... whatever it is you can have it. You will learn how to attract what is wanted into your life and how to face all challenges with courage. This is real and it works. You can be happy every single day...and you should be. Habits that you have tried to break but keep returning to them? There are reasons for that and once you learn the "why" you put yourself in a position to change anything you want. Wouldn't that be better than spending each day simply reacting to whatever happens and hoping for the best?
My coaching is done over the phone. I ask only that you choose a time that is convenient and when you know you can have some privacy to talk. Put on your comfy clothing, fuzzy slippers, robe, get a blanket and a nice beverage...and let's chat. There should be no feeling of heaviness to this. I am here to help you be happy because I was once unhappy with a lot of things in my own life and know what it feels like to shed that and see life as a positive experience full of joy.

Let's begin your journey to what you deserve.


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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Life Coach
  • Physical fitness / weight loss
  • Nutrition (basic)
I was once unhappy about so much. I once saw the world as such a "heavy" experience and felt I could do nothing better than to plug along and "react" as best I could to whatever happens. I learned that I can attract what I want and that I can wake each day loving how I feel inside. There is a balance that happens when you are happy inside and then draw to you what you want outside.

I will help you find the same. It works. This is not textbook is very real.

I was trained by a former assistant coach to Tony Robbins and know all the tools to help you get where you want to be. I also have extensively read/studied spirituality and the "why" behind every emotion we feel. These two things together will bring you lasting change. This is not temporary feel-good stuff. This is permanent joy.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD


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