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Lindy Lopez

Achievement and Success Specialist 
San Antonio, Texas, United States
Achievement and Success Specialist

About me

Lindy is an achievement and success life coach who has been training to be a life coach for over seven months to help others live the life they desire. With the goal of helping college students identify and make action plans for success in their academic careers, Lindy, a new mother, officially opened her life coaching business in the fall of 2013.

Prior to planning a family and studying for her degree in Psychology, Lindy has spent the last decade as an autodidact; a touch typist of 70 wpm by the age of 11, web coding by the age of 13, web design by the age of 14, and an internet personality including social media and internet (self) marketing by the age of 16. Today, Lindy offers a range of coaching programs - from private, individual tele-coaching to e-coaching via email, instant messenger, and private chat rooms.


Private sessions range from 45 to 60 minutes. I offer three packages for my clients.
Package #1: Weekly 45 minute sessions for $25. It is a one-time discount for three months. This package is for only available for new clients.
Package #2: Weekly 60 minute sessions for $50.
Package #3: Unlimited 60 minute sessions with the benefit of weekly email support between sessions when needed for $350.
Online coaching for the internet savvy, or "eCoaching" as I refer to it is also available. There are currently two packages:
a) one hour life coaching sessions per week via private chat room or instant messenger.
b) unlimited emails for a limited number of days.

Fee description

Fees: from $25 USD to $350 USD

I'm currently offering discounted rates for my life coaching sessions. Fees quoted above are per session and are to be paid prior to sessions. Fees can be paid via Paypal or credit/debit card for those without a Paypal account. Please visit my website for current and accurate pricing information. Thank you! :)


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