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Lisa Mann

Lowell, Arkansas, United States
Natural State Life Coaching was created for you to work to find clarity and improve your health!
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FEES from $120 USD to $130 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Greetings to my readers!
I have been working in the healthcare field for 13 years as a Registered Nurse. I received a BSN in Nursing from the University of Miami and in 2008 a Master's in Nursing from University of Phoenix. With a love for yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and Aromatherapy, I integrate these philosophies into my nursing practice and life coaching work with clients seeking support on specific topics and goals.

By serving on the Integrative Medicine Committee at Tampa General Hospital, I coordinated with physicians and holistic practitioners unique consultations for high risk pregnancies using Integrative Medicine to improve maternal and neonatal outcomes. I specialize helping women of all ages build confidence in themselves, their family and careers and the balance between. I have a strong background in Women's Health, Obstetrics/Gynecology and in 2012 began working in psychiatric nursing and a mental health department focusing on depression, PTSD, anxiety, and any mood disorders.

It was then when I began to really focus on the emotional and mental components and how that manifests as physical symptoms. I began to identify patterns that the nursing literature supported- and confirm the vital role our emotions and thoughts have in order to create a life of happiness and healthy thought patterns.

I use supportive research in health and wellness to create a solid action plan with clients. This is because I value holistic research and complementary and alternative medicine. I am an advocate for global education about important health topics and health education.

I have a passion for helping others find their true path. This passion is what led me to find the Integrative Wellness Academy and become a certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach. This is a unique certification that is different than other Life Coaching curricula because it teaching emotional release techniques to identify core issues.

If you want to balance your emotions and thought patterns AND improve career, relationships in your life and key elements of self confidence to move forward with goals, I am available to you!

Send a message to me and we can schedule a time for a focus call and make an appointment for a life coaching session. My services range from one session for clarity on a particular goal to working with clients for over a year or more until they have reached their true potential. I understand we all have gifts, and I enjoy co-creating the path, helping you shine like a diamond. I am available to clients over a long period of time as they are observed living a life they want and have created for themselves with guided support that life coaching brings.

Let Natural State Life Coaching bring clarity to your true purpose~I would love nothing more than to see it unfold for you!

Sat nam, (In truth)

Coaching with me

Working with clients on goals specific to:
Personal Development
Career Advancement
Family & Parenting
Building Confidence & Self Esteem
Creating Loving Relationships
Identifying Triggers
Emotional Release and meanings

We honor and recognize: NATURAL LIVING

Activism & Environmental Concerns, Music and Artistic Expressions, Nutrition, Spiritual Practice

An Integrative Wellness & Life Coach has the skills and expertise to ask propelling and powerful questions and is capable of integrating the right tools and techniques to empower YOU to find those answers within yourself. You are the expert of your life. Natural State Life Coaching is an expert in the coaching process. Let us help you uncover what your own personal best might be, and yes naturally planned by the person who knows you best, your self.

We all have four aspects of self that are interconnected. These four areas are mental, emotional, physical and spiritual parts of what makes us naturally human. In order to be balanced and experience well-being we need to have wellness in ALL of these four areas.

I coach clients from a holistic perspective of health and balance specific to what they want in life and want to improve. I take their goals and show them a path to reach the goal using over 20 techniques.

This means we assess together goals using the categories of their health in 4 ways:

We (coach/client) address their goals and apply this to all four areas and create a Life Wheel that is full and balanced.

I like to see clients how it fits best into their schedule but I recommend checking in every week or two because in life coaching, the client and coach communicate to reduce stress and emotional burden and activate forward momentum.

What if you CAN have more than you imagine?
Transformational Clarity.

Coaching is different than therapy. What life coaching can do is the NEXT step... or for some, it may be the first step. Either way, it is a way to receive a different approach than traditional medical models or therapy practices. Coaches like me also like to work with other professionals. They network often because this is the beauty of LIFE Coaching, is it can be added to your life when and how YOU want and your life coach should support your positive steps towards balance. Coaching is fluid and works to help MOVE you forward to EVOLVE.

I like to coach with encouragement for you to make meaningful change, bringing solid accountability to motivate you on your path.

That is why NATURAL STATE LIFE COACHING brings results...because it is YOU that takes the action by answering powerful questions which in turn creates an open door for life changing benefits to enter your life!
It is also important to know that coaches will not diagnose medical problems/conditions, prescribe medications or psychotherapies.



I believe in the field of life coaching and hope that as the profession expands, it will be added regularly to a clients schedule to see their life coach and avoid health problems, mental and emotional stress and costly negative outcomes we see today in the hospital and clinic setting as nurses! Wellness is about balance and your health is on a continuum, it has different aspects. By working on all aspects with a life coach, you begin to discover what you really want and what makes you truly happy and living a life you feel good about. This ripple effect that life coaching has is powerful and creates a shift in the health paradigm we all live in. By helping others, this helps families, communities and ultimately, the health of our society and world.

**Disclaimer: Having a Life Coach will radiate new energy from your entire well being and bring about confidence and success.


One -on-one sessions via phone, in person or over iGoogle, 60 minutes each.

Book 3 or more sessions and receive a inspiring package that includes tote bag, personal journal and life mapping tools specific to your goal for free and get up to 45$ off your total cost!
iGoogle access sessions, Skype
Ongoing training
Completing now my Neurolinguistic Programming certification!

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BSN
  • MSN
  • IWLC
Meet the Integrative Life Coach, Lisa Mann.

Working as a RN for 13 years, Lisa had identified holistic needs for her patients through the years that a medical team alone cannot fulfill. The medical community is beginning to understand the value of life coaching and by supporting both professions Lisa is able to bridge the gap between health and success! She has worked with trained providers in integrative medicine during unique consultations. With a specific specialization in Integrative Health in her graduate program for nursing practice, she has experience with the case management of complex cases and patient histories. In 2017, she can now coach clients to reach and maintain optimal wellness. After receiving her Life Coaching certification from the Integrative Wellness Academy, this certification allows her to apply the health and wellness knowledge she has and build upon that for coaching new clients. With this certification she is certified in over 20 techniques to help clients create new success for themselves and a path towards balance and wellness!

Fee description

Fees: from $120 USD to $130 USD

One session is 130$/60 minutes. This can be adjusted based on need/sliding scale and time.


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