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  • Innovation & Design Thinking Program


    Innovation and design-led thinking is the cornerstone of 21st century companies keeping up with, and unleashing their own sector disruptions

    R13500.00 ZAR RRP R15000.00 ZAR     save 10% ADD TO CART
  • Emotional Intelligence Program


    There is scientific evidence that an individual's success in life and business is directly linked to emotional intelligence.

    R8500.00 ZAR RRP R10000.00 ZAR     save 15% ADD TO CART
  • Scenario Thinking Program


    The future is uncertain. It can be modelled into plausible scenarios using anticipative thinking techniques and assumptions to aid decisions

    R8500.00 ZAR RRP R10000.00 ZAR     save 15% ADD TO CART
  • Strategic Thinking: 1-Hour Power Talk


    Experience a 1-hour, high-impact talk on the principles and practices of strategic thinking, game changing leadership competency for the 21st Century

    R36000.00 ZAR RRP R40000.00 ZAR     save 10% ADD TO CART
  • Systems Thinking Program


    Discover the tools and techniques necessary to manage and make decisions in today's interconnected, boundary less business world.

    R8500.00 ZAR RRP R10000.00 ZAR     save 15% ADD TO CART
  • Managerial Decision-Making


    Decisions are central to how organisations create and destroy value. This course unpacks decision skills and practices for your success

    R8100.00 ZAR RRP R9000.00 ZAR     save 10% ADD TO CART
  • Strategic Thinking Culture Class


    A shared culture of 'thinking' unleashes the potential of every employee and gives your organisation the 'thinking performance advantage'.

    R25500.00 ZAR RRP R30000.00 ZAR     save 15% ADD TO CART
  • Advanced Strategic Thinking Program


    The CORE JOB of executive leaders is Decision-Making. Today's highly volatile and complex world demands a strategic mind to make sound decisions

    R30000.00 ZAR RRP R30000.00 ZAR     ADD TO CART
  • Introduction to Strategic Thinking Program


    Do you want to LEAD at the very TOP of your organisation in the near future? Become a Strategic Thinker and stand out from the rest!

    R21000.00 ZAR RRP R21000.00 ZAR     ADD TO CART

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