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Louis Marius

MS Counseling Psychology 
Cranbury, New Jersey, United States

Partnering with you to create the life and build the relationships that you desire.

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OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $85 USD to $100 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

My name is Louis Marius, I’m a Board Certified Coach. I have a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology and I’ve worked for almost 20 years as a coach, advisor, and counselor in the field of higher education. My work has allowed me to touch thousands of lives.

I developed a love of helping people as a teenager. I was the person that listened and provided advice and a different point of view to my friends. After graduate school, I realized that I wanted to use my skills to help people but not as a mental health therapist. My career in higher education was a perfect fit, I work with students and clients, helping them work on current challenges, improving their present situation, and looking toward the future.

I love being a Life Coach! I enjoy the moments when a client makes the realization that they can do what they once thought was impossible. I love listening as a client tells me about their successes after taking a risk. I am grateful for being entrusted with your potential dreams, opportunities, and future.

Coaching with me


I work with clients looking to make changes in their life. My clients are often in transition, looking to work on relationship challenges or want to identify goals in order to make changes in their lives.

Clients that work with me receive a listening, caring and non-judgmental partner as you look to make changes in your life. As your coach, I challenge you to think about your choices and how they impact your goals. I help you explore options and think outside of the box. I hold you accountable for the goals that you set. I offer this because I believe that you can change and you do your best when you have someone in your corner.


As a coach I believe that you are the expert on your life. I enjoy listening so I can gather information about you. I ask questions in order to clarify and understand your point of view. I challenge you when needed. I enjoy humor and laughter because we all need a break from the seriousness of life.



One-on-one telephone or video meetings. 

Email coaching and group coaching.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • M.S. Counseling Psychology
  • Board Certified Coach (BCC)

Fee description

Fees: from $85 USD to $100 USD

$85 for individual 1-hour sessions.






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