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Luannah Victoria Arana

HeartMath Life Coach, Teacher 
Galiano Island, British Columbia, Canada

Author,Teacher, Healer, Member of International Association of Professional Life Coaches

About me

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Life is an adventure of exploration and discovery. Challenges and adversity are the source of our greatest possibilities, yet we have forgotten these truths. For that reason we get caught and lost in depression, anxiety, we becomes victims of our past rather then the creators of our present and future.

I am committed to help you turn your inner light back on.Every moment you have the capacity to heal and choose a new perspective and understanding that lights you up with a passion to be who you truly are. I am here to support and guide you to clear what is blocking that natural capacity.

Both my experiences of overcoming trauma and adversity and my training in various coaching and healing modalities over the past 25 years equips me with an incredible capacity to relate to my clients, from all walks of life, to hold space and offer effective life perpectives and tools that are useful to use in every day life. I am super passionate about sharing what I have discovered, all that has helped me gain mastery over my life and mind, with you, that really works to change lives for the better.

We may all have different stories and backgrounds, but we all struggle with the same challenges and issues of feeling not good enough, feeling overwhelmed by life and confused by all the contradictions and dualities we encounter everyday, both in ourselves and in the world around us.  We do  our best to find our place and purpose in life but we most often keep repeating the same scenarios again and again on what feels like an endless loop.

I have been there, I know the territiry well and I have plenty to offer you that can guide you, like  a map, to know yourself better, recognize your blindspots and empower you to rise above it all and thrive beyond your wildest dreams. 

It is possible to magnetize and materialize what we need when we know how to. Without that knowledge and toolset, we are like a boat lost at sea forever looking for land that never seems to appear. 

One of the reasons a good majority of the Law of Attraction techniques don't work is because they only focus on using the mind to magnetize, but the mind is really a minor influence in this regard because it is our inner emotions, beliefs and patterns that are emitting from our subconscious that is affecting all our outer creations. To heal we need to feel and get in touch with the traumas and pains of the past that are still broadcasting, looking to be heard and healed. It can feel like a scary journey to encounter ourselves so deeply, and in some ways it is, but it is the only way we can effect lasting change in our laves.

With 25 years of practical experience working with clients I have distlled the quintessence of many life wisdoms and principles to an effective and easy approach to creating the lasting change you seek. I am dedicated to give you all I've got so you can be completely sovereign and empowered in your life.

Coaching with me


I help you get to the root of whatever is obscuring and obstructing your own inner knowing and guidance. You have all your answers already. My work is to basically help you bushwack through the emotional and mental entangelments caused by buried pain, outdated beliefs and perseptions that you either generated yourself or inherited from family and society that block you from being you to the fullest. 

Together we put on our Shelock Holmes cap and head lamp to explore those exiled parts of yourself, enter the deepest caverns of your mind and soul, bring new order and awareness to those aspects to create space for your heart and soul to breathe and finally flow more freely and fully.My clients are always blown away how quickly and effectively we can do this.

A mind once stretched beyond its previous limits never can go back to what it once was. Once something hidden is observed and brought to the light it no longer has the power it had before when we didn't see it.

You will feel absolutely transformed and regain the reigns in your life to consciously affect and create your reality.


Though I take you into deep and unchartered territory, that can seem heavy and daunting, I do so with fluidity and lightness, incorporating playful humour and a common sense approach that makes it an enjoyable process. For me healing is a dynamic and creative process that unleashes powerful joyful energy that transmutes the heaviness. 


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


Live retreats on site at my Healing Retreat Center on Galiano Island at Serenity By The Sea, or through Coaching calls via Zoom, Skype or over the phone 


Coaching or Healing sessions via Zoom, Skype or phone

Virtual Healing Retreats

Short courses or group coaching

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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Energy Healing
  • Traditional Hawaiian Healing- Ho' opono pono Mentoring
  • HeartMath Coaching
  • SRT-Spiritual Response Therapy
  • Spiritual Restructuring
  • Rebalancing- Psychotherapeutic Bodywork Training in Germany and Costa Rica
  • Brendan Burchards Coaching


Having lived and travelled overseas for many years my life and mind have been touched and shaped by many cultures and their life wisdoms and teachings. Since early childhood I always had questions about the deeper meaning of life and was a curious explorer of metaphysics, psychology, religion, looking to understand my life, my family and my place & purpose in the larger scheme of things. All this led me to the work I do now: Empowering others to know themselves and heal past pains and traumas that cause obstructions to the natural flow of life of their true nature and authentic joy of being alive. Though I have studied many forms of healing and coaching, my true authority to offer this work comes from my life experiences of having overcome many traumas and dysfunctional coping mechanisms that had resulted that kept me attracting unhealthy situations and relationships. I deeply know the territory of depression, hopelessness, fear and anxiety, which is why I am able to guide others to healing. My clients feel my genuine understanding and empathy and, once knowing what I had to heal and grow through, they see their own possibility to do the same. I love what I do and am grateful that I came through it all to now be able to hold space and facilitate healing in others.

Fee description

Fees: from $120 CAD to $2500 CAD

There are package prices depending on how many sessions are wanted. Packages of four and packages of eight are the standard. For more long term work together which we can talk about to customize to your request.


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