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Coach Lumka Khaile
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Lumka Khaile

Financial Coach 
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Certified Life Coach, Money Breakthrough Method Coach, Get Clients Now! Facilitator.

FEES from $25 USD to $2000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Who I Work With
Smart and ambitious Working Professionals and Executives with (or thinking about) a side hustle and Service Based Entrepreneurs who want to earn their worth, create wealth and won’t settle for less.

What I do
I help you build confidence and skills to create more income, wealth and fulfilment in your life so that you feel in control and not overwhelmed by money. I walk beside you as you overcome your fears and shame about money, show you how to achieve financial freedom through a personalised action plan and be wealth conscious in order to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and leave a legacy for your loved ones.

My Work Style
Setting a goal in itself is not enough as it is easy to put a goal on hold or get distracted from it, therefore I use values as a foundation for your financial freedom because they represent who you are, influence how you behave and are your measure of success in life. I help you understand why you are not where you want to be financially, set bold money goals, heal your guilt and shame around money, create more income, get out of debt and live up your dreams.

The Results
Designing your own financial freedom action plan. There is nothing more beautiful than watching someone stepping up into their power with money - letting go of negative beliefs, feelings, thoughts and habits; giving themselves permission to bring more money into their lives - knowing exactly what to do to be able to create and keep more money in their lives, discovering and unfolding their deepest passions fearlessly without reservations and being comfortable with making and being more.

Coaching with me

I help professional, side hustler and business women understand why they are not where they want to be financially, set bold money goals, heal their guilt and shame around money, create more income, get out of debt and live their dreams.


“As entrepreneurs we need to be coached on money as it can become overwhelming for us. Despite my apprehension about the topic (of money), Lumka’s professionalism and ability to relate at all levels made me feel at ease. 
In just 2 sessions of powerful coaching she helped me overcome my biggest fear - not having money. I now realise that I am in control of my money and income in terms of how to generate and spend it wisely. Money is my new best friend! - Kathleen

"Although I was working on creating wealth, it was in a very unstructured way. I still stressed about money. You helped me overcome my fear of not having enough and to acknowledge the good work I had already done. 
I could relate to you and felt that you understood my background. 
Recording my spending made me aware of my money wasting habits. You helped me become aware of my money habits and where they come from and cleared the misconceptions I had about my, and other people’s, money stories." - Nqabakazi
My Coaching Style:

I am a solution and action focused coach and use a values as a foundation to you money and wealth solutions. I also use the mentoring style for clients who require structure or need to learn a technique or skill quickly and powerful questions that help you dig deeper into the root of your thinking or way of doing things. This is supported by the use of worksheet and assignments.

I guide, support, encourage and hold you accountable to your goals recognising and respecting your uniqueness and goals.

I coach 1:1 and groups online Skype and Phone and I also have online and email coaching programs/courses to reach a larger number of people.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Money Brilliance - 90 Days to Clarity, Action and More Income


Breakthrough for Success - Set the Foundation and Design an Action Plan for Financial Freedom.
Heal your Money History - Challenge and release outdated money beliefs and Create a New Money Story.
Conquer Shame and Guilt - Release the shame, guilt and resentment surrounding money mistakes and start afresh.
Take Action - Create more money through practical tools and principles, tracking your income, expenses and investments and unleashing the money flow in your life.
Boost your Income & Profit - Live in constant awareness of creating wealth and align your daily activities / habits to that awareness.

12 Weeks program
6 Weeks of 45 minutes’ 1:1 Coaching with alternate weeks of virtual coaching assignments
Tools: Worksheets, Assessments and resources
Short courses or group coaching
Marketing for Clarity, Clients and Profit: 28 Days to Get More Clients
A 6 week program that helps service professional create a marketing action plan that ensures a constant stream of clients.

The program will teach you:
What really works to market your professional services (and what doesn’t)
The exact strategies you will use in your marketing stage (complete my FREE tool: the Marketing Clarity Assessment quiz)
The success ingredients that are missing in your marketing
The action steps that will hep you break out of “analysis paralysis” and bring you more clients
Bonus: Marketing Success Worksheet

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Money Breakthrough Coach
  • Certified Money Coach
  • Facilitator: Get Clients Now!
  • Diploma: Life Coaching
  • Personal Finance and Investment Certificate
  • Inner Life Skills Certificate
  • Inner Life Skills Life Coaching Training
  • Lawyer
My background is law and have worked in the financial industry for 10 years, including private wealth, international banking and debt counselling. I hold a diploma in life coaching and a certificate in Personal Finance and Investment. I am also a certified Get Clients Now! facilitator and completed the Money Breakthrough Method training.

I bring to my work with clients my natural flair for managing money, passion for creating wealth, years of research in the money psychology, professional experiences and lessons from my personal journey of overcoming conflicting money legacies from my family history. My unique approach of using internal wisdom - your Values - as a foundation to financial freedom helps clients transform not only their Net Worth but also their Self Worth.

I believe that it is our birthright to have more. But with every message and influence we received early in our lives, we have stepped further away from this truth. In order to have more, we have to become more (of who we are created to be) and do more (because we are already capable but don’t realise it). That is where I come in.
I have always been curious about money and wealth, its meaning and our relationship with it but my journey with money was always in conflict - I would either have lots of it or nothing; doing something about it or nothing. There was no constancy or consistency in how I earned, spent and invested. After extensive research (one of my handy passions) I realised that whilst I have an abundance mindset, my habits were driven by scarcity. I lacked balance between my internal (emotions, thoughts and beliefs) and external (habits) money life. And that was a result of being raised by parents with conflicting money personalities. I dedicated time, money and effort to find out who I needed to be to create wealth intentionally and purposefully. And today, I have healed my money legacy, raised my level of wealth consciousness, transformed my relationship with money and increased my self worth and net worth. I can help you do the same!

Fee description

Fees: from $25 USD to $2000 USD

Fees are payable upfront or on a payment plan in some of the programs.


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