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Lynn Bacon

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
I meet you where you are (even if you don't know where that is) and take you where you want to be!
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FEES from $100 USD to $3000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I've been coaching people for many, many years - even before it was called coaching. I've done financial counseling and have worked with weight loss clients. Then, I discovered the official field of coaching. When I saw the results that coaching was bringing to people, I knew that I had to do it...

... And when I do something, I make sure I do it "right"! Not only did I get my certification as a Personal Life Coach, I got certifications in Relationship Coaching, Family Coaching, Business Success Coaching, NLP (Practitioner) Coaching, Social and Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Enneagram Coaching.

What this means for my clients is that I have a LOT of education and experience (and tools) to assist you in getting the results YOU want to have. I use cutting edge, affordable, assessments to find out where you are so that we can avoid all of the stuff that doesn't pertain to YOU. I mean, why should you have to go through coaching that just doesn't apply to you?!

By the way, assessments are great tools. But, if you don't want to go that direction, that's fine. We can just do regular coaching to take you on your journey.   more...

Coaching with me

I realize that your goals will differ from week to week, because life is changing every minute. I always check in with my clients to see where they are, what they've achieved and what's come up with them. I don't have an agenda - we coach from where you are. You can achieve anything you really want to achieve - the possibilities are endless!
I like to coach people that are ready to dig in and do some work! Are you ready to explore possibilities? Are you ready to look at what is working for you - and what isn't? If you're ready to jump in and explore your world, then we might be a good coaching match. I don't give advice and I don't tell you how things "should" be.

I am intensely creative and I realize that the answer is usually "outside the box".


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Private coaching is done via phone on a case-by-case basis. I mostly only offer online coaching.
Online coaching is currently growing and will result in several different courses. As you take each chapter of a course, there will be coaching questions, and we will communicate via online. This is a great way to "get your feet wet" in coaching, because there's great value in it, and it's extremely affordable.
Short courses or group coaching
There will be short courses available soon.
Ongoing training
Ongoing training via Internet on Social and Emotional Intelligence, Parenting, Families and Relationships.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Enneagram Coach
  • NLP Practitioner and Coach
  • Family Coach
  • Relationship Coach
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach
  • Business Success Coach
  • Personal Life Coach
  • Conversational Hypnosis
  • Enneagrams
  • Leader as Coach
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence
I have been coaching in one capacity or another since 1984. I started off volunteering with Navy Relief, assisting military families with their finances, budgeting and planning. I also worked as an independent financial counselor for Navy families and taught courses to members that were struggling with finances. By the time my husband retired in 2002, I had achieved more than 1,000 hours with Navy Relief.

In the early 2,000's I had a daughter that became extremely difficult and eventually we chose to put her in boarding school instead of the local public school system. I watched as they worked with these "troubled" teens using a coach approach vs. a therapeutic approach and was amazed by the progress these teens were making in their personal lives. It was then that I just KNEW, I HAD to do that. So I signed up to become a coach/trainer with the same company that was working with these kids.

I found that coaching was so amazing, that I just kept going. I kind of felt like the Forrest Gump of coaching. I was exposed to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and was fascinated, so I went to school for that too. Then I learned about Social and Emotional Intelligence and Enneagrams and Conversational Hypnosis. What I found was that all of these things provide an amazing tool bag for me when I'm working with my clients. I have a lot of things to choose from that most coaches don't - and I'm pretty excited about that, because this tool box gives my clients opportunities that they really can't find elsewhere unless they have several coaches.

Most of my clients are finished working through their issue within about 6 months when they do the work. A lot of clients keep things going with periodic check-ups a few times per year.

   more ...

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $3000 USD

Fees vary depending on the type of coaching - group coaching will be less per person than one-on-one private coaching. Coaching is sold in packages.


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