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Lynn Forde

Relationship and Dating Expert  
BROOKLYN, New York, United States
I help you create the life YOU really want. I help YOU connect to YOU. I help you GET YOUR LIFE!

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About me

My name is Lynn and I am not only a life coach, but a middle school social studies and science teacher as well.  I am a single mother of a beautiful little girl and extremely handsome cat. I grew up most of my life in South Florida where I met my best friend/soulmate/sister from another mother/my ride or die, Gerri. We met in 7th grade and have been inseparable ever since. She has been my rock through all the ups and downs in my life and it’s no surprise that we discovered our calling to life coach together. We both chose traditional career paths with the purpose of helping others only to find we still weren’t fulfilled.

Ever since I can remember, I have always been really hard on myself. I was always fully aware of my flaws and would passionately search for ways to grow and improve. Societal expectations, the voices of others or lack thereof, made it hard for me to make use of the natural abilities I had within. I first discovered my talents through the experiences I had hearing about the journeys of others.  I would have friends, family members, clients, students and random strangers instantly open up to me about the deepest parts of their lives. I realized that the main thing that drew them to me was the fact that I truly listened. I was also able to step outside of my own perspectives and put my values, biases and opinions aside when needed. This allowed me to truly see them and provide what they all wanted most of all, the truth. The truth is that everyone wants to become the best version of themselves, but we all just don’t know exactly how to get there. Helping coach those around me, helped me realize something unique about myself. I know now that I have a gift that I passionately want to share with the world. Transformational life coaching is that gift and I plan to use it to help you Get Your Life!

Coaching with me


Help Set and Achieve Clear Goals
Offer Alternative Perspective
Improve Emotional Intelligence 
Gain Clarity About What You Want
Improve Confidence
Accountability Partner
Heightened Self-Awareness 
Improve Communication 
Better Decision Making 
Cultivate Better Relationships (Friendships, Family and Romantic)


I like to coach by asking my clients questions that allow them to think and see things they haven't been able to see on their own. 



Our coaching philosophy is built on partnering with you on your path to self-discovery and transformation.


Enhance self awareness and improve relationships

Identify and Reduce your Implicit biases
Increase your Emotional Intelligence

Discovery of strengths 
Manage Stress and Anxiety

Articulate your values and priorities
Develop a Growth Oriented Mindset 

Select and Focus on Professional/Personal Goals


We offer coaching services on zoom and or video chat style of your choice 

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Social Studies
  • Certified Life Coach through Achology Ltd

Like a drug addict


"Most relationships between lovers are just like a relationship between a drug addict and the one that provides the drugs. The one who has the biggest need is like the drug addict; the one who has a little need is the provider. The one who has the little need is the one who controls the whole relationship." -Miguel Ruiz


"This was so me. I was like a drug addict and he was the one who controlled the entire relationship. I blamed him for everything until it all fell apart. The impact afterward was filled with intense sadness, feelings of hopelessness and even thoughts of suicide. Then one day I made the choice to figure out where things went wrong. It took a ton of soul searching to finally realize I wasn't taking ownership of the things that happened to me. This was a pivotal moment in my life that allowed me to get to a place of happiness that I never thought I'd find. I believe it is my mission in life to help others who are just as lost as I once was and lead them to discover their own place of happiness too." -Coach Lynn 

Fee description

Fees: to $50 USD

$50 per session or $42 per month for 3 months 


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