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Magda Dippenaar

Creativity Life Coach& Entrepreneur 
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

It's never too late. Dreams grow into new beginnings when faith cultivates the buried seed. 

About me

I believe in new beginnings in life & business. It is never too late. Dreams grow into real new beginnings when faith cultivates the buried seed. Tailor-made coaching designed to assist you in finding your own unique solutions. Every single human being has unique purpose and a beautiful design.

I have been an entrepreneur, working for myself since 2007. Before that I volunteered at a large church and also at an AIDS orphanage. I might have learned more here about passionate, dedicated work than in any of the other money-making, successful businesses that I was a part off.

I have also managed a multimillion rand transport company, pretty much on a 24/7 basis as this is not a trade that van be restricted to business hours.

Impeccable work ethic was always very important to me. By the time I went into business for myself, I was not overwhelmed by the amount of self-management and dedication it took to move forward to success and to make the desired progress. 

I am currently in my second marriage. I have 2 precious daughters in their teens whose father, my first husband, has diappeared more than 10 years ago. During those years of trauma and crisis I learned so much about facing challenges head-on and steering through them just one step at a time. 

I have started my own successful business from the ground up to the level where I employed more than 20 teachers. It was a music school where we taught all instruments all over Gauteng.

As a piano instructor, I received regular praise for the coaching input I had in my clients lives. The slogan for my music business read - 'it is more than just music' - just shows you the power of words. We would always join in extra talks about success and relationships and the joys and hurts in life.

I decided to start studying for Life Coach and completed my first diploma in 2019. I am 49 now and love every minute of coaching and of being accountability partner to my clients. I have not stopped learning and do not plan to ever stop enrolling for more learning experiences.

This is how I would like to inspire my clients to think and see life too. It is never too late to go on your next venture towards success that will energize again you to achieve even more impossible dreams. Again and again. Whether that might be in your spiritual life, studies, in business or in relationships.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


Business & relationship and family coaching. Sessions are 45 mintues to an hour. I believe deep coaching, going where it might feel uncomfortable to go. I believe transformation does not happen when we place a higher value on afformation.


I am doing an online 5-day Challenge about Creativity in Crisis as well as a 6-week course. This training is all about how we think about chaos and trauma. It is about asking the right questions about the routine obstacles in our life where we always get stuck. It is about building new habits that will encourage a strategic plan. We also learn about asking the right questions so that the very faithful sub-conscious mind will find us our solutions and the answers to these questions we usually don't take the time to ask. 

Fee description

Fees: from $350 USD to $550 USD

One-on-one lessons charged per hour. 

Online - the initial 5-day Challenge done as a sale price of $7 and then the 6-week training for $249. 


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