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Maggie Jonckheere

BA Social Work/Health&Wellness cert 
Birkirkara, No region, Malta
I work with people who feel overwhelmed or are struggling to figure out what their life purpose is.

About me

Howdy! I’m Maggie. I’m a coach, and I can work with you if you feel overwhelmed, are struggling to figure out what your life purpose is or would like 'more day at the end of your energy'.

Health and wellness coaching does not mean that I listen to your life story, nod, then send you a meal plan mostly comprised of veggies you hate and contact details for a kundalini yoga teacher. First of all, health can be physical, mental, social, vocational/financial, spiritual (as in: meaning and life purpose) and environmental. I also don’t prescribe, or use a cookie cutter method for my clients. Every client has a totally different coaching experience, because every client has a totally different life, wants, needs and strengths. You drive the sessions, I’m just here to guide you, ask annoying questions, connect the dots and at times suggest some solutions you haven’t thought about yet.

I specialize in working around career/life purpose, stress and life balance. I am also very familiar with issues people with ADHD and expats encounter as I am both.

You can contact me here or via my website. Welcome!

Coaching with me


So what exactly does this all mean for you? It can mean any of the following:

  • Clearing the noise, understanding what you want from life and how to get there

  • Creating a life that you enjoy and leaves you happy and energized

  • Getting yourself out of habits that don't serve you, and into habits that do

  • Feeling grounded and strong, even when your life is changing a lot


My coaching style is non-judgemental (been there), warm (I am your biggest supporter), realistic (I know most can't hop over to the Himalayas for some 'extra pure' salt), practical (science nerd), authentic (my face doesn't lie), and casual (swearing is fun). Don't let my jokes fool you though: I am result-oriented and not afraid to connect some dots you might not like to see connected.



I offer a free 15-minute discovery call for you to ask any questions you may have and to see if we match. After that, there is the option to purchase a one-off session or a package. One-offs are one-hour sessions and generally do not include a health and wellness assessment. They are perfect if you need some quick practical strategies to deal with a pressing concern, or would like to test the waters before purchasing a package.

I also offer monthly, two-monthly and three-monthly packages for a reduced price per session, and they all include a health and wellness assessment. Two or three months are ideal, because it generally takes at least two months for change to ‘stick’. I do however understand that everybody has a different budget or time constraints, which is why I included a monthly option.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Nutrition Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate
  • Sport Massage Diploma

Do you feel stuck, like there should be more to life than this? Or do you feel overwhelmed, exhausted even? Perhaps you feel lost in your current environment?

I understand. I have felt exactly the same way on multiple occasions in my 36 year-journey. Part of it was just life, kicking me in the metaphorical nuts. But mostly, these feelings were a consequence of what I had been telling myself, decisions I had made, steps I had or hadn’t taken.

See, I was born in Belgium. And because I love working with people, I became a social worker. But I never felt like I ‘fit in’ there. So one fine day, I packed my shit and travelled to Australia. What was meant to be a six-month soul searching journey, became a four-year roller coaster ride filled with a lot of stress and heartbreak, but also a lot of love and ‘character development’. While I was there I studied for two years and became a sports massage therapist. I then moved to the UK, where I established a successful massage practice.

After Brexit my future there felt unstable, and so I made another move, this time to Malta. Sadly I couldn’t continue as a massage therapist because it takes a toll on your body and I ended up in the corporate world. This is when I suffered Breakdown 1.0 and Breakdown 2.0 (I always aim to improve, on breakdowns too). Breakdown 1.0 came after getting out of an incredibly stressful job. My body simply said ‘nope’ and ‘how dare you’. I suffered from all sorts of problems, but mostly it was my stomach not tolerating whatever I chose to feed it any more. On the plus side, I learnt a lot about food sensitivities!

After not being able to work for months, I started another corporate job. Some things happened in my personal life and tah-dah… Breakdown 2.0. I was freaking exhausted, mentally this time. I didn’t see colours any more, and people could have used me as a crowbar with the tension stored inside my body. That’s when I got my ass into therapy. I learnt a great deal about myself and my past, worked hard and got myself out of the mud. I also discovered that I have ADHD which explained my life (and depression… and anxiety) one hell of a lot. It was my own number 42. The missing piece of the puzzle. I’ll stop now.

Out of my self-development journey came that I wanted to combine my passion for helping people and my interest in wellness, mind/body connection and psychology. So I studied for another year, and your wellness coach was born! My life is a work in progress, as is everyone else’s. But I am happy to report that I now see a world in colour, and my body can not be used as a crowbar any more. And I would like the same for you.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $100 USD

One-off hourly session: $100

Change Starter Package (4 weeks): $300

The Change Starter package can help you to ‘clear the noise’ from your life or start your health journey.

  • 4 one-hour weekly sessions tailored to you

  • Health and wellness assessment

  • Summary and action plan sent to you after every session

Life Booster Package (8 weeks): $600

It takes an average of 66 days for a behavior to become a habit, which is why the Life Booster package is so successful. It is perfect for people who are looking to make important lasting life changes, such as finding a new career or building good habits.

  • 8 one-hour weekly sessions tailored to you

  • Health and wellness assessment

  • Summary and action plan sent to you after every session

  • Free half hour added onto the first session to get a headstart

  • Weekly motivational quotes to help keep you on track

  • Occasional homework such as specialized assessments

  • One of these extra services (your choice!):

    • Weekly homework and actions/homework reminders

    • Free one-hour follow-up session (to be taken within 3 months after package ends)

  • Access to maintenance deal after package: option to book two-weekly or monthly sessions at 25% off single session price

Life Changer Package (12 weeks): $900

The Life Changer package is the 12-week deluxe package and offers extra services such as daily check-ins, plus free and discounted yoga and meditation sessions with an associated partner.


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