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Manel Estrada García

Life coach 
Roda de Bara, Comunidad Autonoma de Cataluna, Spain
The state of the mind is where the change begins…

About me

Prior Feelings: As most of us, I felt trapped in the concept that in order to be happy I must follow the norms dictated by society. My intuition was telling me that something was missing in this concept. In addition to that, I used to suffer from a low self-image due to being a chubby child since I could remember.

Realize Change: Believe me, it wasn’t easy being that kid. At age 17, I decided to change the way I saw myself image wise. I set out on a mission to lose weight and build the body I always wanted. I thought that this was what the game was all about and that I would feel happy. However, I was wrong. Later on, I realized that in order to change my body, I needed to change my way of thinking as well.

Starting My Journey: In 2002, I arrived in London with full of hopes for my future. I was aiming to search for a better understanding of myself. I also hoped that I would meet my future wife and I did. In 2009, I married my soul mate Daria who has become an inspiration for me.

My Discovery: As a result of my journey, I signed up for a Human Potential Coaching course that led me far beyond “just understanding myself”. It has brought me awareness and acceptance in the present moment and freedom to feel my positive and negative emotions. It is ok to feel. What is my next step? I wish to help and inspire others who search for meaning as I used to. And just to add a little advice from one of my favourite books “The alchemist” (Paolo Coelho): “Wherever your heart is, this is where you find your treasure”.

Coaching with me

“Coaching enabled me to listen to my heart, connect with my True self at a very deep level and to take the actions to move forward in my life. I began to clear my energy blocks and come to a feeling of aliveness and freedom.”


“There was a few goals I want to achieve, but had no idea what kept blocking me achieving them as I was putting in the hard work. I did discover my inner strength, determination and passion for life that I never knew I had. “


"The coaching sessions helped me frame the problems and focus more on the present, which in turn helped deal with the problems I needed to solve"


"I was seeking out coaching to help me add some much needed clarity and
direction in my life and I was very fortunate to come across Manel. Within his
first email, I felt a warmth, honest and sincere person along with our common
backgrounds I was able to connect with him straight away. Having had coaching
over Skype for 3 months now, Manel has given me direction and a lot of clarity
within myself. His perspective on "problems" that I think I may have at the time is
always open and he always seems to help me find the most simplistic solution
to an issue with a calmness that makes me feel relaxed so I can focus on the
solution and see the bigger picture. His non judgemental persona, his ability to
think practically and quickly within that moment along with his infectious warm smile makes him a natural at coaching and puts you at ease. Manel has helped give me the direction that I was looking for and knowing that I have Manel close by has given me the courage and determination to keep seeking my dream life when I had fallen off the path.
Manel I can't thank you enough and I am looking forward to our friendship growing over time and I always look forward to our coaching sessions! Many thanks."


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I facilitated the clients to move them into an state of instant presence and then the coaching process to enable them to access their inner resources to take action to make the changes in their life. I worked withthem, listened carefully to what they are saying, asked them pertinent questions and enabled them to grow from the experience.


I do coaching on one on one basis through skype. My availability is Monday to Saturday morning or evening time.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Diploma in Hoilistic Massage
  • Diploma in Human Potential Coaching
  • BSC (Hons) Sports, Health and Exercise Science
  • Human performance coaching
Highly motivated person who had been working in London in the fitness industry for over 8 years as a personal trainer and life coach. Always thriving to help clients to get what they want. Keen to make sure that I create a long term relationship with customers in an open and honest way.

Fee description

Fees: from $70 USD to $250 USD

The coaching session consist of 1 hour session by skype. You can pay for one session which is £70 or £250 for a block of 4 sessions.


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