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Manon M Yona

MSc Health Care Psychologist 
Santa Monica, California, United States
I help you adjust to difficult changes in life, like loss of a loved one, health-issues. New normal.
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About me

My name is Manon Yona, M.Sc., and I am a certified Psychologist originally from the Netherlands. In the LA area, I offer my expertise as Adjustment coach.
I support people and their loves ones that are going through life changing events, such as terminal illness, disease and loss in all it's variety. I have a genuine love for other people and you will benefit from my open mind, full attention and my complete dedication to you and your goals.

-Masters degree in Health Care Psychology; with Distinction
-BS in Clinical Psychology
-Years of work in Dutch hospital as a Medical Psychologist, focus on palliative care, chronic illness and cancer rehabilitation.
-Practice under APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct
-Experienced Mindfulness practitioner

Coaching with me

Aly B. - Founder Wellness Yoga Jamaica
"I honestly don't know what I would have done without Manon. As a coach, she is so warm and understanding. When I was really stuck after leaving my home country, on the verge of giving up and abandoning my husband, she gave me the strength to keep going! Yes my future didn't turn out the way I expected, but Manon helped me feel happy and satisfied again. I feel like a strong, capable power-woman! Can't thank her enough."

Mary E. - Model and Presenter
"So I became a first time mother. I was a mess, I hated not being in control of my own life! Everything evolved around the little guy. And I felt so guilty for having those thoughts. Manon helped me "redefining who I am". I didn't turn into a poop-cleaning milking cow, I was still so much more! Adapting to this new life phase was hard, but I am more grateful than ever to be in this position. Wouldn't change it for the world!"

Renee B. - Nurse practitioner
"When I lost my job, and remained without a job for almost a year, my life just felt pointless. I was always enjoying my work, over 60 hour work weeks were normal and I loved the speed of my life! Sitting at home, I struggled. When I started working with Manon it wasn't a miracle that occured. It was tough, she was very honest that I am the only one that can be held accountable for my life and she supported me through the whole process. I am very proud to see where I came from and where I am now. I'm doing something I absolutely love, and I realise I couldn't have done it without this experience!!"
You will get my full attention and will benefit from my task-oriented and result-driven nature. I get great satisfaction from supporting others, being genuinely in love with people. You will find in me a true listener, always warm and friendly. Caring for others and helping people comes natural to me. You will notice I am open minded and never judgemental. But how compassionate I may be, I will also be real, honest and direct.

We start with a 15 minute complementary phone call. When it sounds like a good fit, I offer a 2 sessions Starting package. This consist out of a 120 minute intake- and one 50 minute follow-up session at my offices in Santa Monica.

During the intake, we take a closer look at the transition you are going through. While trying to get to the core of the struggle, you will notice that specific goals already become clear! That is exactly what our process is focussed on: reaching your goals.

At the follow-up appointment you receive your personal 'plan of action'. There is no 1-size-fits-all approach. Each experience is unique, as is my coaching. In your personal 'plan of action' we state you goals and set them out on a realistic timeline. Together we tweak the plan until you are satisfied with the priorities and intensity.
Working towards your goals is an active process. You can expect assignments to work on in between meetings. Thanks to my background as a Medical Psychologist, we have an extensive supply of mental- and behavioural tools at our disposal.

Nothing on the timeline is set in stone, however, you are in total control. You will be amazed how great it feels to notice a difference in your well being. And all due to yourself!

Are you ready to redefine your life?


As your Adjustment coach, I support you through difficult changes in life, like loss and disease. I will help you rebuild your future, and grieve over what is gone.

Together, we will establish that 'new normal' and you will learn how to coexist with your experienced losses. We will work on regaining control over your life, tailored to your unique story.

I will work with you side-by-side along the way. Our focus will lie in enhancing your inner and outer resources to deal with change.

You will uncover unknown strengths, develop new skills and find new purpose. Redefine who you are, including new dreams and future plans, while integrating your past.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BS in Clinical Psychology - University of Amsterdam
  • Masters degree in Health Care Psychology; with Distinction - University of Amsterdam
  • Psychological Assessment Certificate - Dutch Association of Psychologists
  • Vipasanna meditation courses - Dhamma organisation
I was born and raised in the Netherlands, with an insatiable curious mind. Especially for other peoples minds.
I obtained my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology with Distinction from the University of Amsterdam, emphasis on Medical Psychology.

After graduation, I started my career working in a hospital in Amsterdam as a Medical Psychologist. There I supported patients with the mental challenges that are a very big and real part of being ill.

So why did I become a Coach?
While giving group-therapy to Breast cancer survivors, I noticed something shocking: By far not everyone who could benefit from these sessions, actually receives it! Most people don't seek the help of a therapist. No matter how much some professional support would help them. A huge gap. It was back then when I realised: This is what I want to do. This is where I want to put my energy and expertise. Support those that need it so bad.

I started a support group for breast cancer survivors, and the responses were beyond expectations. These women are used to 'toughen-up' no matter how much they would be helped by seeing a Psychologist. The threshold was just too high. Too intense. Too scary.

Why not keep it low key? Stay focussed on the goals. On their future. Not telling anyone what to do or what not to do. Be there side-by-side, as support, as their biggest fan.

Be their COACH.

But why an Adjustment Coach?
I became an expert on the topics of bereavement, resilience and coping after the following experience:

My mother got diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It was spread out to basically every other organ in her body. I immediately gave up work and moved back to my parents house. Being the control freak of the family, I dove into every hospice-handbook out there. I was dedicated to becoming the greatest expert I could possibly be, to help my loved ones (and myself) out. Overall I look back at that period with great pride. Everyone in our household did their utmost to make this period as pleasant as possible under the circumstances.

Why the US?
After my mothers passing I married my now-husband who lived in Los Angeles. This meant leaving everything behind and migrate to a new country. Leaving the Netherlands was a lot more unsettling than I imagined. It reminded me of all the literature and research I read about loss. Losing a loved one is just one of many forms of loss. You can lose the safe and known, lose your identity, lose your social circle and esteem, the list goes on and on. My life would never be the same. And all those losses, transitions and changes are now part of who I am, they are part of my personal life story. Whatever a new day brings, opportunities or challenges: an other page is filled.

Today I am a successful Adjustment Coach, supporting those going through intense periods of change. Those transitioning into something new and unknown. Filling yet an other page of their Life story.

Fee description

Fees: from $162 USD to $474 USD

15 minute phone call

Starting package - One 120 minute intake and one 50 minute follow up

Single follow up - One 50 minute follow up session

10 follow up package - Ten 50 minute follow up sessions


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