lifecoach $2025 USD Marc Tabet Marc Tabet Coaching to give you clarity. Engineering to design the structure you need to hit your goal.
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Marc Tabet

BEng, MEng, PC 
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Coaching to give you clarity. Engineering to design the structure you need to hit your goal.

Life coach Life Strategist

FEES from $837 USD to $2025 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I have spent most of my adult life travelling for my studies and work. I was proud of my engineering background and intelligence but deep inside, despite all what life gave me, I was struggling a lot.

I hated to admit it but the way I was dealing with my life was not optimal. I suffered from it. There was a missing piece to the puzzle and I wanted to find it.

I dedicated hundreds of hours studying human potential and coaching and I found my answers. I would like to share these answers with you because I know you are smart, I know you have it all together but like me at the time you might find that there is something missing without really knowing what it is. Let's find this together!

As a Life Strategist I am going to use coaching techniques help you figure out exactly what you want, I am going to use my passion for human potential to empower you and finally my great ability to process information to help you design the right strategies and build the structure you need to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Congratulations for considering coaching!

Before you start transforming your life, let me give you a piece of advice: focus on how you feel inside and do whatever you can to feel good, life will respond to how you feel within.

How to do that? Start smiling whenever you can, smart being grateful for the little things and don’t take life too seriously when you don’t have to.

Good luck on your journey, we are all in this together!

Coaching with me


Put some of your problems behind.
Develop inner confidence and emotional mastery.
Develop the motivation to do what you already know is good for you.
Overcome any plateau you may have reached.
Clarify new life paths.
Better mange your time and increase your productivity.
Clarify your priorities and goals.
Take your life to another level.


As a Life Strategist I use my coaching training and expertise to help you gain clarity. I am all about clarity. If you don't know what you want, you won't be able to attract it.

Once you are clear on what you want, I use my engineering background and considerable ability to process information to connect the dots.

I understand the context you live in and then suggest life strategies and a structure to implement the solutions you have figured out that you need.

I also provide you with a structure to help you overcome the challenges that you are facing. Don't worry, there is nothing scary we'll do that one step at a time. Baby steps if needed.

The structure I provide will also allow you to cultivate your inner strength and feel good! Because I believe that the way your life unfolds depends on that.

I mentioned feeling good right? Embracing your emotions is a big part of this, we'll work on that. I have a healer's training as well after-all!



Please refer to my website and click on the coaching tab.


Please refer to my website and click on the coaching tab.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Divine Healing Hands
  • Erickson's Art and Science of Coaching
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
  • Master in Clean Energy Engineering

I have worked and studied in 4 different countries in the realm of engineering. My travelling and need to re-adapt every time highlighted some vulnerabilities in me that I stove to address through many readings, seminars and training related to coaching and self-empowerment.

Fee description

Fees: from $837 USD to $2025 USD

Please refer to my website and click on the coaching tab.

Packages: 3 months - up to 9 hours, 6 months - up to 18 hours, 9 months - up to 27 hours.


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