lifecoach $500 USD Marcey Gromling Marcey Gromling A proven motivator & down to earth confidant that empowers you to take a holistic approach in life.
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Marcey Gromling

Spiritual Advisor, Recovery expert  
UTICA, New York, United States
A proven motivator & down to earth confidant that empowers you to take a holistic approach in life.

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About me

I am a human being that has overcome many trials and tribulations. Not only have I overcome these mountains in the road (bumps would be an atrocious understatement) but I have done so with serenity within my soul and a smile on my face. I have learned to embrace life and its obstacles as opportunities to continuously grow. I have chosen to utilize this knowledge and pass it along to anyone with a listening ear. Anything that I have encountered that I feel can help the next person, I am more than willing to share.
I have learned that for me, a lot of growing up has been a matter of unlearning the myths and distortions instilled upon me as a child. Awareness is key to transformation. It is by becoming aware that the door opens to choice and change. This has been a long journey of soul searching and attitude changing.
Life is a game of perception and we each have the power to make any situation either work for or against us. The choice is ours.
Whether it be mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, or spiritually I can help you see the power we each hold within ourselves and get to that place of serenity, unity and intimacy we all long to be.

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Fees: from $100 USD to $500 USD


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