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Coach Marcia Lee
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Marcia Lee

IAP Certified Life Coach 
Non disclosed, Texas, United States
Christian based coaching for women on marriage infidelity, relationships, grief, alcohol abuse etc.

About me

My name is Marcia Lee.  I am a Social Worker and a Nursing Home Administrator turned Life Coach.  My Christian faith is very important to me and the key in all my coaching.  I have experienced many of life's seasons and found myself stuck from time to time.  I spent 20 years in what I call Spiritual inertia.  I found myself abusing alcohol to soften the sharp edges of life.  That is, until alcohol became a very sharp edge itself.  I have been sober a year as of 6-29-22.  I have suffered betrayal and infidelity and the loss of my sister to breast cancer.  Now my adult daughter is battling Stage IV brain cancer.  I have recovered from job burn out and compassion fatigue and my biggest accomplishment to date is finally believing that I AM ENOUGH!  I have found my One, True Love in Jesus Christ.  I have walked through several valleys of the shawdow of death.  The key word there is "through".  We can't avoid those but we don't have to stay stuck in them either.  I found so much help when I found community in support groups and on-line forums.  I have had my own counselor and my own life coach.  And I have a library full of self-help books.  Sometimes those books were my only friends.  I know there are other Christian women hurting in these areas and more.  I would love to hear your story.  Let's talk.

Married for 35 Years

Born Again Christian for 39 Years

58 Year Old Mother of 4

Grandmother of 3

Coaching with me


While I focus primarily on marital infidelity, care giving for sick relatives and empowerment coaching, I very much try to meet the client where they are. My job is to help you discover your goals and challenge thoughts and assumptions that might be false and keeping you stuck. I understand the hurting heart and know that your pain is real and valid. However, living forever as a victim or in bitterness and unforgiveness is not.

This life is merely preparation for the next. I will challenge you to alter your thinking patterns to align with Scripture and embrace the comfort, love, and mercy of God. If you think about it, every day we wake up we are one day closer to heaven. It is so easy to get entangled in the cares of this world. But that is what separates Christian coaching from all other coaching. We have so many more resources through the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. And we have so much more purpose and responsibility as chosen daughters of the King. So roll up your sleeves and straighten your crown and let’s get to work!


My coaching style is very client centered.  You will tell me what you want to accomplish in each session and I will do my best to help you get there.  My goal is to listen well and interject questions that may help you re-examine your thinking patterns.  I won't need to know every detail of every issue.  We can use time more effectively by focusing on your beliefs that then dictate your behaviors.  I want you to learn techniques that you can use for a life time regardless of the specific circumstances in which you find yourself.  Of course, if you need to vent then I am here to listen.  I can help you develop and enforce healthy boundaries and I can help you apply God's truth to your reality.  I don't like to use the word "homework', but I may suggest specific books or chapters of books for you to read that are specifically relevant to your needs.

Each 45-minute coaching session will include two email responses.  So if you want to email me between sessions, I will be there to give you a lift.  Unfortuanately, my calendar is pretty full so I must stick to a strict schedule.  If our session goes over 45 minutes, that will result in an extra charge of $2 a minute.  And if I have another client scheduled right after our session, then we may have to schedule an additional session later that week.  Again, all this is up to you.  I just want to give you the most value for your investment.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


My primary coaching has been helpiing women cope with marital infidelity from addiction to porn and sexual acting out in all the various ways some men do.  I also help with affair recovery

I also have a coaching plan that I call Cancer From the Sidelines.  This is for women who are watching and caretaking for a loved one with cancer or other serious diseases - such as Alzheimers.  I have close personal experiences with those in addition to my many years working in nursing homes and for hospice.

And finally, I am available to meet you where ever you are.  Sometimes we just get stuck in life and want more and want to be more.  I have found the secret to finally realizing in this culture that places so much emphasis on youth and beauty how to fully know that I AM ENOUGH!  And you are, too.  You may not know it just yet - but you are. 

I offer individual coaching and group coaching.  Give me a call and we'll talk.  940-432-8723.


I love to coach through Zoom.  I think that it is a way to meet and really interact with someone who doesn't necessarily live in your home town.  Many topics are sensitive and it can be difficult to attend a group or be seen going into a business office with "Life Coach" on the door.  

I am also able to coach via telephone if that work better for you.  I will call you and there will be no long distance cost to you.

Short courses or group coaching

Another group coaching classes will be available shortly.  Please let me know if you have an interest in that.  The cost is much cheaper than individual coaching and the process is very effective.  And because it is remote, there is no fear of other members crossing paths with your personal social circle.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator
  • IAP College Life Coach Certification
  • Bachelors of Social Work
  • Affair Recovery's
  • Texas/New Mexico Hospice New Administrator Training

My name is Marcia Lee.  I will be turning 59 in a few months and am looking forward to retirement for the first time.  I worked in Nursing Homes my entire career.  I was an Activity Director, a Social Worker and the past 23 years I have been a Nursing Home Administrator, except for four years when I worked for Hospice. 

I was saved in 1982 and married to my husband in 1986.  We have raised four children and currently have three grandchildren.  Our lives were pleasant and peaceful for the most part.  I knew that someday, the day of testing would come.  And I used to pray that God would prepare me for that day.  So far that day has lasted 6 years and is in no way over yet!  It started in 2016 when my sister got breast cancer.  She passed away in early 2017.  That year was also difficult because I was so burned out at work and felt so trapped in my career.  Nothing else seemed a viable option for me.  I brought in a little over half our income and simply quitting and starting over was not an option.  Also retirement was looming ever closer. And 2017 was the year my nest emptied.  My youngest got married and moved out and my second youngest moved across the country with her new husband.  That was a blow because I have lived my entire adult life almost 1000 miles from my family of origin.  I did not want that long distance relationship with my own kids.  We were all very close.  Then in 2018, as often happens, our marriage started to fray in light of the empty nest and my husband's middle age crisis.  I began drinking alcohol every day.  Then in 2019, the marriage took a terrible blow when I discovered my husband's porn addiction and found out about the 13 month-long emotional affair that he had had with a 27 year old receptionist at work.  Those two D-days brought on three years of intense and excruciating recovery.  And we survived.  The marriage survived.  2022 brought the news that our oldest daughter (who’s baby isn't even a year old yet) has Stage IV brain cancer.  It can be fought, but not cured.  So sometime in the next two years, I will likely be burying my own child.

Thankfully in 2019, I made the conscious choice to lean into the Lord.  And it truly brought me out of two decades of Spiritual inertia.   I started attending AA meetings and I have been sober for over a year.  I read nearly every Christian marriage book under the sun!  I attended a class through Affair Recovery.  And after that class ended, I went on to lead a class for betrayed wives via Zoom and have done so for over a year.

I have a heart for hurting women and I long to comfort others with the comfort that I have received from the Lord.  It wasn't until I was reading a book called, "Porn Addict's Wife" by Sandy Brown, where she used the term "life coach" that it finally clicked - That's what I want to be when I grow up!  All the pieces just started to fall into place and I felt a surge of purpose that I have not experienced in many, many years.

So I have started my own business - which I have never expected to do - and am spending my time helping other women in all these areas of life experience that I have encountered - especially these past six years.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $130 USD

Group Coaching classes meet for two hours a week.  The fee is $50 per session.  Payment must be received after each session and prior to the next session.  So if you have to skip a week here and there, then you don't have to pay for that session.  No cancellation fee will be charged if you don't attend. 

Individual Coaching package includes one 45 minute session and two email responses following the session.  You can choose to do this weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.  The fee is $130 per session. Each session is stand alone, meaning you are not obligated to pay for sessions you do not attend and you can quit at anytime with no further obligation.  If you must cancel, please give 24 hour notice via email or you will be charged and must pay a $30 cancellation fee prior to your next session.

All fees are collected through Paypal.


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  • Life coaching Coaching coach, life coach,business coach, coaching, life coaching, self help, personal development Individual Life Coach Session Christine | October 29, 2022
    5 Star
    Nice place

    It is very welcoming glad to be here

  • Life coaching Coaching coach, life coach,business coach, coaching, life coaching, self help, personal development Individual Life Coach Session Christine from United states | October 29, 2022
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    A comfortable place to be

    Am glad to be here and eager to learn more . Everything is quick to my expectations and am happy about everything


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