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Marcie Lesnick

Certified Empower Life Coach 
Littleton, Colorado, United States
Relationship and Dating Coach! Learn to honor your inner voice and allow it to guide you.

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About me

And why am I the person who can help you resolve your dating, family, relationship, sexual assault, cancer, bullying, poor self-esteem, peer pressure, and career issues (just to name a few)?  Because my life has been filled with both enormous joy and devastating pain, and I have had to work through my own issues to reach the empowered, blissful state (most of the time—nobody hits it 100 percent every day) I enjoy today and which I love teaching others how to grasp themselves.

Let me share a few harrowing details with you:  In childhood, school was pure torture due to a learning disability; I was raped as a young adult; years of therapy forced me to make peace with my past and stop blaming others for my problems; when I was 29 my father died of cancer; and in 2007 I was diagnosed with breast cancer—the same disease my mother and sister had already battled.  But I am a survivor who believes if you treat yourself with love and kindness you can get through anything.  And I mean anything.

Coaching with me

As an Empowerment Life Coach, my job is two-fold.  First, to help people understand how they view themselves as well as the people and situations around them, and second—to help them change how they react to others and the events that make up their lives. My ultimate goal is to help people of all ages—from middle-aged singles to troubled teens to frazzled parents—resolve internal conflicts surrounding their relationships—from dating and parenting to business and … well, just life in general.

With 20 years’ experience as a relationship management executive in the corporate world and as a New York certified Empowerment Life Coach since 2005, I have helped many individuals realize the importance of honoring their inner voice and allowing it to guide them as they travel their personal journey to empowerment.  

When I’m not helping people resolve their internal conflicts, I mentor and coach for young women and girls.

You can change your life and how you interact with those around you.  You can become a happier, more empowered person.  You can find the love of your life.  You can develop the skills and mindset to become that bold, self-confident person you’ve always wanted to be.  It’s all right there inside you just waiting to be unleashed.  Promise.

If you’re ready to break old patterns and take up the reins of empowerment, contact me today.  Trust me, it will be a ride filled with discovery (along with some hard work), but also an awful lot of fun.
I coach in person in Denver Colorado, phone and video. My style is more laid back than structured. We'll take the more natural path to affecting change.


Dating Coaching - 1 hour session
Relationship Coaching - 1 hour session
Empowerment Coaching - 1 hour session
Cancer Coach

Dating Coaching - 1 hour session
Relationship Coaching - 1 hour session
Empowerment Coaching - 1 hour session
Cancer Coach

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certifield E,powerment Life Coach
  • Train the Trainer
I've been coaching since 2005 part-time. I'm considered an expert when it comes to relationship and dating.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $150 USD

Sessions are either 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours


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