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Maria Emilia Soldavini

BintBus, SNHS Dip. 
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Professional Coach, Holistic Therapist and Biodecoder

OFFERINGS: Online coaching

FEES from $79 AUD to $129 AUD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Empowering. Supportive. Transformational.

I believe that you can change and achieve anything you want in your life if you focus on the thought patterns that create your reality. You will be challenged (in a warm way!) to view things from a different perspective, which will help you move forward. You’ll gain more clarity, feel empowered, and become more self-aware.

Throughout these years, I have gained training and experience through different techniques, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Life Coaching, Biodecoding, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), plus varied alternative and holistic tools to help with stress management, and support your journey.

No person is alike, so all these tools will help us design and personalise your own course of action, to get quicker results.


Coaching with me


What I can do for you…

  • Get crystal clear on your goals, especially those related to your career, life purpose, or even small business projects.

  • Help you get more organised in life, and gain more time with a sound work/life balance.

  • Teach you how to manage stress better, and how to support it at peak times with different holistic techniques.

  • Get to the core of your blockages and help you move forward, gaining a deeper understanding of the situation and your mindset.

  • Hold you accountable to make sure you reach your destination!

  • Get you motivated!

  • Learning to focus your energy on the things that matter, your own energy's needs and how it works.

  • Give you tips and tools along your journey for a smoother transition.

  • Push you when you are feeling too comfy in your comfort zone…

  • Find the message behind your repetitive patterns and symptoms, whether physical or emotional.

  • Support your coaching or bio-decoding process with Bach Flowers, Sound Therapy, Meditations, Aromatherapy, Chromotherapy, Gemmotherapy, and other valuable tools.

  • A space to dedicate to yourself, without judgement, only with the purpose to help you achieve what you deserve.


I like to coach through video-calls, in a fun and relaxed environment. It's important that you feel comfortable and I'll be there to support you in your journey.

Keeping an eye on your energy, your expression, your choice of words, I discover the root behind your blockages to unlock them and free yourself from them.



Personalised Coaching Sessions
Get a personalised Coaching plan for you to suit your needs

Online sessions via Google Meet

45-60 mins |  AU$ 119  
Career & Life Purpose Coaching
Perhaps you’d like to find happiness in what you do, climb up the ladder, or like to begin a new career path or business. This Coaching will help you discover your skills and interests and take action that is aligned with your core values.

Online sessions via Google Meet

45-60 mins |  AU$ 99  

Stress & Time Management Coaching
Be able to enjoy life more. Find work-life balance and a better-organised life while learning different Stress & Time Management techniques.

Online sessions via Google Meet

45-60 mins |  AU$ 99  

Find the core reason behind your emotional or physical symptoms, and start a new journey towards healing and relief.

Online sessions via Skype / Google Meet.

45-60 mins |  AU$ 129  


Holistic & Alternative Therapies
Holistic and alternative therapies are a great way to support your healing process. And everyday life, why not?

Bach Flower Consultancy
AU$ 79

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Dip SNHS Coaching / NLP / CBT / Stress Management
  • Professional Coach
  • BA in International Business

Hi! I'm Maria Emilia Soldavini (or Milly for most people), and I am the founder of The Empowering Hive.

I have created this self-development space to help you achieve all those things you have wanted for a long time, but are not sure how to get there.

Over the past years, I have even transitioned careers from International Business into Life Coaching, which is why I can help you find your path, too, as I've been there myself. I've found my passion and purpose in helping people achieve their best while transforming their mindset. I'd love to see you achieve yours as well!

More recently, I have expanded into Bio-decoding, experiencing great results with my clients, most of who have been on a long journey battling different symptoms.

I have always been intuitive, introspective and reflective, learning from every experience I've lived, and that became a very powerful tool for my Coaching sessions, as I am able to understand what my clients are going through and help them overcome a situation in a holistic way.

For your convenience, Coaching and Bio-decoding sessions are offered in either English or Spanish.

I would be delighted to work with you, too, so feel welcome to contact me to see how The Empowering Hive can help you!


Fee description

Fees: from $79 AUD to $129 AUD

Holistic and Complementary Therapies: AUD 79.00/session

Coaching (Packages): AUD 99.00/session

Personalised Coaching: AUD 109.00/session

Biodecoding: AUD 129.00/session


I offer 10% discount when purchasing 4x sessions at once, and also 10% discount for referrals.

Afterpay available.


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