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Marie Hughes

Person centered life coach 
Newcastle , England, United Kingdom

I help single ladies overcome their fear of rejection so they can date with confidence

Life coach Divorce coach

FEES from £90 GBP to £200 GBP for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am 50 years young, and a mother, going through menopause and relishing every moment of it! I have the confidence and self belief now that I only wish I had discovered when I was younger. I married at a young age, to a not so nice man. I walked away an emotional wreck, continued to be subjected to mental abuse and with very little confidence and self esteem. I was left homeless, paranoid, with a mountain of debt. Fast forward 27 years later and I am confident, and know my self worth. I found myself and in doing so my soul mate found me.

I now know how to make those positive transformations and I can show others how to find themselves too. Because until you truly accept and learn to love yourself, warts and all, then how can you expect to find happiness? It's not loving someone that brings you happiness, its loving YOU.

Let me take you on that wonderful journey. 

Coaching with me


I can help you achieve your best life by helping you to :

  • Increase confidence

  • Increase self esteem

  • Set your goals

  • Learn to love you

  • Learn to Love life 

You will start to live a more fulfilled life, and live the life you dream off. With a new found confidence and self fulfilment yyou will start to see the world differently. You will find happiness and in turn attract only positivity  into your life. You will find your inner strength, your inner beauty and shine from within. 


I use person centered coaching with a dash of mindfulness too and some practical common sense and life experiences. I tailor to the individual and will use methods best suited. I promote gratitude at all times and will encourage affirmations, but will keep my clients grounded too. 



I can offer coaching sessions via zoom, Skype, email and text. I offer first initial intro session for free (20 mins approx) and if you like what you hear then we take it from there. I offer single sessions and bulk bookings, but you choose the frequency of sessions. I will provide tools for you to take away. I offer person centered life coaching, mindfulness coaching with a dash of common sense. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and manifestation, and will encourage you along the way. I will offer you daily words of wisdom to keep you motivated. You are free to cancel at any time. All I ask is that you remain open minded and have faith. I can help with divorce, relationships, confidence, self esteem, empowerment and ultimately help you live your best life. 


My online coaching can be delivered via Skype, zoom, email and the website or if your prefer another platform I am always open to suggestions as technology moves so fast. It will be whichever method you feel comfortable with, but we can switch around to suit and use multiple methods. 

Short courses or group coaching

I can offer a 6 week mindfulness course to improve self awareness and Confidence. 

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Professional hypnotherapy level 4
  • Mindfulness level 3
  • Person centered life coaching level 4
  • NLP coaching

I am a 50 year old woman who has been through divorce twice and come out of both stronger than ever. 8 have learnt from experience the mistakes to avoid and know from experience how easy it is to fall for smooth talk and how easy someone you live can belittle you and destroy your confidence. But 8 also know how to rise above it and emerge with confidence and how that by learning to love yourself first everything else falls into place. I have 20 years experience coaching and supporting others to change their lives around.  I practise what I preach. I am non judgemental and compassionate but I will also challenge if i feel that's needed to move someone closer to a better life. 

Fee description

Fees: from £90 GBP to £200 GBP

Single session £200

Block booking of 3 sessions £540 (£180/session)

Block booking of 5 sessions £750 (£150/session)

Block booking of 10 sessions £1200 (£120/session)

Block booking of 15 sessions £1350 (£90 per session includes 6 free mindfulness sessions) 

Mindfulness sessions x6 (£350)

All coaching sessions include daily Inspiration and motivation to keep you on track. 

There is a loyalty and referral scheme also. 

Refer a friend and yiu will receive 5% discount from your next booking and they will also receive 5% (this is a limited period only and ends 31st December 2020). All bookings must be agreed no later than this date, but can be accessed after this date. 


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