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Mark D. Lakowske

Life Coach, Hypnotherapist 
Sparta, Wisconsin, United States
Honest, Caring, Compassionate, Accurate, Intuitive, Insightful, Aware, Creative, Visionary

About me

Mark D. Lakowske is a graduate of The Meta Institute, and the International School of Therapeutic Coaching. As well as being educated with courses through the Hypnosis Motivation Institute and the Awakenings Institute.

He holds certification as a Certified Therapeutic Coach®, Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Psychology/Programming, Certified Master Practitioner of Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology/Programming™, Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Reiki Practitioner. He is ordained as a Minister through the Universal Life Church Monastery and is the Pastoral Care Coordinator for a local Nursing Home and is also a Spiritual Medium. Mr. Lakowske has a background in Recreation Therapy, working with the elderly, and is experienced as a PCA, working with people with developmental disabilities.

Through the utilization of extensive training, wisdom from personal life experiences and guidance from spirit, Mark creates and provides clients with a safe place to explore their challenges /struggles and reach healing and personal growth!

Mark teaches & conducts private Therapeutic Coaching®/Hypnotherapy sessions & readings with clients in Sparta Wi. He coaches people via the phone as well. and can also be seen at various expos and events vending & speaking. Mark is also heard occasionally on the Radio speaking & doing readings.

Therapeutic Approach:
Within each of us we have all the resources needed to make the necessary adjustments in behaviors and responses to create and achieve our outcomes and lives that we desire. Healing and change can be quick, enjoyable, insightful and an empowering process for the client. MDLHAT utilizes many different modalities to facilitate a client's growth; from techniques, humor, energy, intuition, exercises, etc. Our approach is always to tailor-make an experience that fits each individual client and that will allow for optimum well-being. We are here to facilitate and assist a client as they lead the process of their own healing. MDLHAT's work with clients is goal and outcome orientated.


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Do you keep having the same struggles in your life? You might not even know why or where they come from? Are you always attracting the same type of relationships which all end up the same way? Do you feel stuck in a rut or is fear keeping you in a place or job or relationship that you know is unhealthy but you don’t know how to get out? Maybe you or your kids are going through a rough time because of a difficult situation and you need understanding and want to move past it? How many times have you tried to stop smoking or lose weight, but failed? Maybe someone or something is annoying or truly causing problems in your world?

Most people have things that they want to break free from and move past, they want healing but feel powerless to change the pattern or cycle. This can be because they don’t know how or perhaps they think that they simply can’t.

No matter what you want to work on, be it, a minor annoyance like nail biting for example or impulse shopping. Or deeper level issues, such is the case of trauma, physical, mental, emotional or sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, fears or phobias.

I'm here for you! My goal is to see to it that you achieve your goals! We will work together to develop a therapeutic plan that will best address you! I help people just like you every single day!

In your formative years, your subconscious mind was programmed with beliefs and thoughts. During hypnosis, I will give you instructions to relax each part of the body. Then you will be counted down into deeper relaxation. At this time positive suggestions (that we have previously discussed) will be accepted by your subconscious mind as the new programming. This new programming will bring about positive changes in your life. Then i will count you back up feeling in balance and harmony. Hypnotherapy can assist you with any issue. You want to quite smoking? Hypnosis can help Loose weight? Yes Hypnosis can assist with that too. Do you have anxiety or depression? Hypnosis will bring forth your amazing resources! Anything your mind can think up, Hypnosis has the answers for you!


Your subconscious mind is like a computer and has recorded every thought and experience across this life and across all of your past lives. You will discuss with me what you would like to explore. The Hypnotist will do a conditioning exercise as a mini Hypnosis session to warm you up to perceiving impressions through your mind's eye. Your Chakras will be opened and balanced to heighten your subjective awareness. During Hypnosis, individuals perceive by seeing a picture, feeling, hearing, or knowing. Individuals are able to tell the year they are in, the geographical location, clothes they are wearing, and what they are doing. All of this is to gain insight and awareness so that you will be living a better life in the here and now.

Short courses or group coaching
Education Is so important!

Re-Thinking Reality course at companies, colleges, universities, high schools,businesses & other groups. My inspirational seminars about your mind & how it is a POWERFUL tool are engaging & insightful! Most people who immediately join his seminars and classes are every day good people, just like you, who want a better understanding of their lives and tools to help them gain control, support, and guidance for an even better future!

Do you ever wonder why you do the same behaviors or patterns over and over?
Do you feel you want to break free from those cycles?
Maybe you wonder why other people do the things they do?
Perhaps the same type of person or situation keeps coming back into your life and you want something new?
When you talk to your kids or significant other does it feel like you are talking to a brick wall or like you are speaking a foreign language…to the person you are speaking to maybe you are!
Why is this so & how can you change that so they hear and understand you better?
Do you have needs like self-esteem or safety that aren’t being met properly no matter what you try?

We’ll address all of these things and so much more! Learn how to enhance your potential, interface with people better and understand your world so you can re-shape, re-define, re-create & re-think your reality of your life!

Fee description

Fees: from $80 USD to $3000 USD

The initial Coaching Consultation Fees are:

Free 15 min consultation. $1.00/min after that.

Half down, non-refundable payment is due for any service/session.

Therapeutic Life Coaching/Hypnotherapy Package fees are as follows:
*Get Un-Stuck Pkg 1 - $500
*Making A Change Pkg 2 - $700
*Living Your Dreams Pkg 3 - $1,000
*Singles Sessions - $80 per full hr.
(One Hr. minimum. billed $1/min for extra time used.)


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