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Mark Lipp

BA, MBA ,NLP, Law of Attraction 
Huntington Beach, California, United States
Not just your Coach but your Partner in Business and Life Success!

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About me

I am a highly successful Entrepreneur for over 25 years in the manufacturing distribution of Broadband RF and Fiber Amplifiers B2B in the United States and have started 5 other successful companies. I am a veteran of Global 100 organizations also.

Besides my formal education BA from NYU and an MBA from Syracuse University I am an Advanced Practitioner of the Law of Attraction and I and my wife are graduates of the Tony Robbins Chloe Madanes RMT Center as Strategic Intervention Coaches/Life Coaches.

I have led countless people to transformational healing as a result of my experience as the brother of ,and parent of, an Addict.. My new Book "An Addict Within,” concretely demonstrates lessons learned in dealing with addiction in the family with humor, unyielding truth and candor.

I am a husband, the father of 3 and step father of two children

I combine ALL of my Education, Business Experience and Life Experience and Family Experience to bring to you not just a Coach but a Partner in your success whether that is in any sphere of your life.

In one word we partner for SUCCESS ! You define what that means or I can help you formulate your view of success.. Whether that be in your family life personal life or business life or all three I can assist you in obtaining what you are striving for.

Coaching with me

In one word we partner for SUCCESS ! You define what that means or I can help you formulate your view of success.. Whether that be in your family life personal life or business life or all three I can assist you in obtaining what you are striving for.
no two people are exactly alike. My coaching style is NLP based but is modified to specifically deal with your needs your personality and what you need to become successful.


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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • RMT Institute- Strategic Intervention Coach
  • Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner
  • MBA-Syracuse University
  • BA - New York University
  • Effective Communications
  • Motivational Speaking
Mark Lipp was born to Norma and Allen Lipp. Norma was a Physical Education Teacher and Allen was a Sales and Marketing executive in the Cable TV field. Mark started life in New York City and attended PS 73 in the Bronx. Mark grew up in a religious background which still carries through today. His family left the Bronx and moved to the New Jersey suburbs of Carteret. His parents and family were all active in the Jewish Community and helped build and establish the Carteret Jewish Community Center, where Mark’s father ultimately served as President for 3 years.

After finishing 8th grade in the Carteret Public School system, he attended Rutgers Preparatory School in Somerset, NJ where he developed a passion for Sports, Music, Theater and Education. Mark was on the varsity wrestling team, and lacrosse for 4 years and in his senior year was captain of both teams. Mark either played guitar and/or acted in all of the major productions during those years

Mark then attended New York University (NYU) in Greenwich Village where he received his B. A. in Economics and Music from the Stern School of Business. During those years Mark actively worked in the music field playing and promoting his bands and music and this helped pay his way through college.

After attending NYU, Mark worked for NCR, Rockefeller Plaza in NYC in sales and marketing of “Point of Sales Terminals”. He received, at the NCR Training center, in Dayton Ohio, the class “Award of Excellence” for his work there. Mark wanted to advance his education and left to attend Syracuse University where he received an MBA in Operations Management. Mark earned the position of Teachers assistant and taught undergraduate classes at Syracuse University.

Upon graduating from Syracuse, mark accepted a position at Magnavox CATV Systems Inc., in Manlius, NY ($300m/yr.) which was a division of Philips. Mark quickly rose from Systems Analyst installing computerized systems such as MRP, to The Manager of Materials and Production Control.

Mark was then recruited by Eaton Corporation to move to Los Angeles to Become the Director of Materials and Production for the EID division, ultimately for five manufacturing plants. At the ripe old age of 30, Mark left Eaton to start a company with his Father in the Cable TV industry as distributors of product. Upon Allen’s untimely death 5 months into the company’s inception, Mark became the president and grew Main Line Equipment Inc. from a distributor, to a full line manufacturer of CATV products. One of the few U.S. manufacturers that exist today. Mark is a serial entrepreneur and has successfully started many businesses in and out of the cable TV field:
1.Main Line Equipment Inc., the premier manufacturer of Plug-in products in the Cable TV marketplace. The development and first ever “drop-in technology” that expanded systems to 1 GHz using existing housings thereby reducing construction costs by 75+%
2.Main Line Drumsticks, a patented Kevlar based, indestructible “green” product. These drumsticks were used by many famous endorsers.
3.CRG de Mexico, a Maquiladora that produced equipment for the CATV industry and also did repairs of “all brands” of CATV equipment and was the only authorized warranty repair center and preferred non-warranty repair center for Philips, C-Cor, and ADC.
4.Factory Automation, a company that refurbished and sold used factory equipment to manufacture “ground up” electronics

Over the last few years Mark has blazed a new trail for his life. He is a graduate of the RMT Center founded by pioneers Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes. Here he graduated as a Strategic Intervention Coach/Life Coach and has been helping people learn to take control of their lives and make Empowered Decisions to Transform their personal lives and their business lives into the dreams and successes they truly desire. He is also a Certified Advanced Practitioner of : The Law of Attraction.

Mark is a frequent motivational speaker. Mark has been hailed as a charismatic, honest, refreshing, emotional, and entertaining motivational speaker. He shares the most intimate details of his life, his journey, and how he came to grips with fixing his own life and those in his family. Just five minutes with Mark and you can see how his personality, knowledge, and insight make him a wonderful, motivating, uplifting and entertaining speaker.

Mark’s two newest ventures, one of which is Naama Publishing Group, helps authors publish self-help books in a variety of fields and genres. The first book published was “An Addict Within, You Can Break My Heart But You Can’t Break My Life”. The addiction of any family member is a disease that affects the whole family. “An Addict Within” concretely demonstrates lessons learned in a 9 year journey in dealing with addiction of one of his family members. Mark does this with humor, unyielding truth and candor. Mark is a frequent motivational speaker for those families suffering from the effects of the ongoing problem of a family member who is an addict.. He shares the most intimate details of his life, his journey, and how he came to grips with fixing his own life and that of his family members.

Mark has helped countless people transform there lives, address and fix real problems in their lives to become happier, healthier, better Spouses, better parents and more in tune to what they require in their business life and personal life.

The second and newest venture is Co-Sulting LLC.The basic premise is to take the traditional consulting principles and processes to develop and achieve on plans to bring companies to new heights of success and combine strategies from NLP and the RMT Center to insure that the implementation phase of any action plan is implemented timely, with the least amount of disruption and that you see the expected benefits of your plan. Mark has taken his 35 years of experience and developed a team who can perform the traditional consulting roles AND can assist in ensuring that the implementation process will be completed timely , efficiently and your organization will attain the benefits they while Empowering and Transforming your team for even greater levels of performance and success.

Mark still performs regularly and plays many styles of guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and bouzouki. He enjoys Skiing , Motorcycles, boating and his family.
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Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $2500 USD

The pricing is based on whether we are doing business , group coaching seminars or Life coaching. please contact me for further details.


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