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Mark McMullen

NLP & Performance Coach 
Motherwell, Scotland, United Kingdom
Dedicated and talented high performance coach.

About me

I am not your typical coach. I specialise in high performance change management through structured NLP and Behavioural Psychology techniques.

I am NOT going to sell you "Secret's".

What I am going to do is become a reliable, honest and dedicated resource for you to pull on when you most need it.

I have proven myself time and again. In my 10 year career I have helped sales teams triple profit, provide support to people in securing Director and CEO level positions and overcome limiting belief patterns to allow them to live the life they have always wanted.

I work closely with people dealing with anxiety, stress and depression. I am not a doctor but I do provide strong coping tools to help people make the changes the desire.

Coaching with me

I work with you to assess your current situation and build a plan with you designed to help you achieve whatever you want. From becoming financially independent, to promotions at work or opening your own business.

We can also work together to help overcome anxiety, stress and depression.

In the past I have;
-Taken a sales team to number 1 in their industry. They didn't even rank when I started working with them.
- Guided professional's to new roles in Director and CEO level after working for years not making progress.
- Worked with entrepreneurs to provide the confidence and belief required to take the step from Idea to Actuality.

Once we establish your goal we begin the journey to success.
I am an inherently honest coach. I do not sell "secrets".

I take the time to understand your needs, wants and desires. We then agree on a plan of action and I begin providing you with all the tools required to make your dreams reality.

I utilise NLP and Behavioural Psychology techniques to provide a truly effective session.

My coaching style is grounded in a combination of biology AND psychology.


I offer one to one coaching either via Phone, Skype or face to face. Face to face coaching can take place in my office or I can come to you at your home. I do find though, being in a neutral setting can be more constructive.
Following a clearly structured plan we will explore your need's through online interaction. The programs will, typically, follow a "trial and assessment" process where by we define a goal, agree on actions, review the outcome and adjust the structure as required. This type of coaching is especially effective for confidence coaching. Phone support will also be available.
Short courses or group coaching
I offer short courses and group coaching sessions that run for 6 weeks. I can attend your venue or present over skype. Any materials are provided in advance to allow the organiser time to print and prepare (If I am attending I bring all required material with me).
Ongoing training
I run sales and high performance training. Typically this training lasts for a maximum of 6 month's. We start with a session setting out your goals and what you wish to achieve. I then provide a structured program, written individually for you and we then embark on a challenging and engaging change process

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Social Psychology
  • NLP
I spent years suffering from depression and anxiety. I was underperforming at work, I was unhappy both personally and professionally.

I spent a long time trying to find the right blend of learning to enable me to make the changes I wanted. I was scammed more than once.

In a moment of blissful clarity I decided that the only way I could effect the changes I wanted in my life was to learn the theory behind it.

I studied and applied the techniques I learned to myself. Documenting everything.

Finally I was back to "me". Confident, outgoing, successful.

Now, let me help you make the same changes!

Fee description

Fees: from $55 USD to $1700 USD

My hourly one to one coaching starts at £55 per hour. Block or short courses can be offered at a discounted rate and any long term courses can be paid in equal installments over a 6 month period. Cost for short courses is dependant on group numbers.


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