lifecoach $3000 USD Marla Stone Marla Stone Marla Stone has 25 years of experience helping people through every imaginable challenge.
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Marla Stone

Life and Business Coach, MSW 
Irvine, California, United States
Marla Stone has 25 years of experience helping people through every imaginable challenge.

About me

Marla Stone earned a BA in Psychology and Master's in Social Work. She is a Retired therapist of 17 years. Entrepreneur and owner of I-Deal-Lifestyle, South OC Wellness, Decor and More for Less, and Perfectly Paired. Marla has proprietary techniques that quickly and accurately identify challenges that block you from success in life, business and pleasure. Her creative methods include:
Personal Issue Assessment test
Finding an Ideal Partner exercise
Increasing productivity, efficiency and organization strategies
Healing and Clearing Interventions
Marla will help you in all aspects of your life personally and professionally.


One and one coaching over the phone, Skype or in person
Skype or email coaching
Short courses or group coaching
Corporate coaching, group coaching, training and development of employees, board member coaching
Ongoing training
Training and development courses are available short or long-term

Fee description

Fees: from $135 USD to $3000 USD

$ 135.00 per hour for one on one coaching either in person or online
$ 375.00 per hour for business / corporate coaching
$1500.00 for half day corporate or group coaching
$ 3000.00 for full day corporate or group coaching


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