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Megan Anderson

Life Coach. Mind/Body/Soul 
Panama CIty, United States
Mind/Body/Spirit Coach. Life Coach. Motivational Speaker. Personal & Professional Development

About me

Professionally, with nearly a decade of experience in leadership, as an entrepreneur and consulting my career has been focused on helping other people solve problems and achieve goals.

From personal experience let's say life has thrown it's curves and even a few hard balls. Despite a challenging childhood, low self-esteem/depression, a failed first marriage and past financial hardships; I was able to use my challenges as a catalyst for growth. I am a firm believer that every life challenge is a lesson-the outcome depends on you. Each challenge is either a road block or an opportunity. Many times, if life seems like it is falling apart it is because those things are not meant to be in your life anymore. Change while hard is what transforms us into more if we know how to navigate it.

Today, my life is AWESOME. I am happily married to my Soul-mate, with a beautiful home that is full of love and laughter from my daughters and our pets..4 cats and one dog. (Yes, it is a lot to keep up with-but I would not have it any other way). I have the career of my dreams and I love what I do. I also have a balance with work and home so that I am able to do all the things that matter most.

I have this life today, because I made it happen. As I pushed myself and decided to live authentically-based on what I felt was right in my heart despite what other people thought of my choices I finally found myself and true happiness. There was a time, when I nearly lost my spark; but now my soul is shining brighter than ever before!

I want to help you realize your full potential, I want to help you discover your inner-self, I want to see your soul shine!

Namaste :)

May God's Love Be With You!

Coaching with me

Self-Esteem/Self Love
Self Motivation/Inspiration
Mind/Body/Soul Balancing
Stress Management
Find Your Inner Voice
Goals & Action Plans
Overcoming Barriers to Success
Overcoming Past Experiences
Healing Emotions/Past Trauma
Improve Relationships
Improve Communication
Find Your True Purpose
Career Guidance & Support
Handling Major Life Changes/Transitions
& More
I have flexible options to provide the best help to my clients. I offer on-line live sessions, phone sessions, one-on-one and group coaching, classes and seminars, events and even on-site sessions.

As a coach, I am emotionally empathetic and mentally intuitive. I am able to use my special sensitivity to see deeper into people and the issues in their lives to find the root problems. I have a very holistic and contemporary approach to coaching in order to truly transform your mind, body and soul.


I offer private coaching to provide a safe, secure, private environment to completely focus on the needs of my clients
I offer online coaching programs to give my clients the most flexibility.
Short courses or group coaching
I am a motivational speaker, life coach and trainer. I offer motivational and personal development seminars, personal and professional development courses and even corporate training more.

Experience, Certifications and Training

My passion is helping others. My ambition is changing lives. My mission is changing the world.

As a consultant and motivational speaker Megan, speaks with an authentic voice filled with passion, humor, empathy and sincerity that connects with the audience in a personal and meaningful way. She is very energetic and this blended with her intuitive nature and dynamic approach to audience engagement makes for entertaining, inspirational and enlightening events. She speaks on a variety of topics including personal and professional development, inspirational/motivational speaking, self-esteem, empowerment, relationships, marriage/divorce, parenting, emotional control, mediation and stress management techniques, career planning, wellness and inspiration for woman, reaching your greatest potential and even guidance for starting your own business to name a few. She helps individuals professionally or personally reach their full potential leading to better relationships, better results and ultimately a better life.

Professionally, she has nearly a decade of experience in management, training, leadership, communication, marketing and problem solving. She studied communication, marketing and management at Faulkner, and started her first business at the age of 22. Since, she has launched several successful products and businesses including an apparel line and a consulting firm. Working as an independent consultant she helped countless professionals succeed by helping them shape their business dreams into reality. Now she is helping people shape their lives into ones they love.

Her passion for helping others and the combination of her personal and professional experience opened the door to a career in personal development and motivational speaking. In her personal life she has faced many adversities and learned a great deal through first-hand experience. Her unique perspective and real life experience give her a broad understanding of overcoming challenges including self-esteem, emotional issues, motivation, relationships, parenting, marriage/divorce, love, career and health. Her intuitive and empathetic nature help her communicate in a honest and direct way that allows her clients to open up and learn to release bad habits and negative patterns in their lives that are holding them back from their full potential. Megan is available for individual and group consulting/coaching, motivational and educational seminars, webinars, tele-classes, guest writing and motivational speaking.

The Back-story

Even as a young child, I wanted to help save the world. Cliche perhaps, but true. At a deeper level I have always wanted to save people; and have somehow found myself playing that role in my personal life many times. I always knew I wanted to help heal others, though I was not always sure how that would come to be. I thought about medicine, but I learned the hard way I am bit too squeamish. Instead I leaned towards work that went with my hobbies and what I enjoyed. I had always been the creative type. My hobbies were mostly related to media: writing, graphic design, music, gaming, moves, reading and photography. Plus, I was not Most Talkative during high school for no reason…I like to talk and I like to listen… I like to communicate in a meaningful way. I love people and making connections. That is how I knew this was the perfect way for me to help people-through relationships and communication. I majored in marketing, communications and management and later took on independent study and certifications for consulting and personal development. Now, I am able to utilize my knowledge, past experiences and communication skills to help others in a meaningful way.

How I Made It Here

During the time when nearly everything in my life crumbled before me, a remarkable thing happened: I found truth, I found myself and I found unconditional love for the first time in my life.

I faced one adversity after another...from overcoming a challenging childhood, to dealing with toxic/abusive relationships, a divorce, the loss of my father and grandmother within months of each other, or even losing my job when I needed to care for my daughters as a single-mother. One morning, I looked in the mirror...and barely recognized the reflection. How had things gone so wrong? “Damn You Universe!” I swore, thinking, “What did I do to deserve any of this? What do you want from me?” I hated my life and myself. The answer I got, was unexpected: Learn To Love Myself!

I had no idea how many of the problems in my life were a direct result of the fact that I did not love myself enough. When you don't love yourself it reflects in your life, your attitude, your work, your health and in your relationships. I finally looked at myself and realized I deserved to love myself as much as I loved others in my life. I often put those I cared about before myself. Even living my life for years based on what other people expected of me. But in the end that left me feeling empty, left me bitter and left me with pain. I learned that I allowed myself to be mistreated and that how I thought I deserved to be treated was a part of the problem. We humans are imperfect. As much as we might not like to admit that, it is true. Learning to love myself was the greatest gift-because it came with forgiveness. Learning to forgive myself was perhaps one of the greatest challenges. Learning to accept my weaknesses, gave me the power to finally change the weaknesses rather than continue being a victim to them.

Learning to love myself in spite of my own short-comings also allowed me the freedom to express who I truly am for the first time in my life. It completely changed me. I made a promise to honor myself and to take charge of my life. I made small changes every day until the life I wanted became a reality.

Now, I am happy, successful and most importantly I love my life! I am happily married to the love of my life with a beautiful loving home for my two beautiful daughters. As a successful entrepreneur and consultant I have my dream job helping people, and it comes with the freedom to balance my work and home life. I know myself and I know my true purpose. I re-defined my life on my terms. I fixed my relationships and finally got over my past. I lost some weight I struggled with for years and got healthier. I finally felt good about what I saw in the mirror again. I have the life I always wanted. It didn't happen by accident. It happened, because I took charge and made it happen. It was a challenging journey but worth every minute. I would not change a thing and I am more satisfied with my life today than ever before. Now, I want to help you with yours.

Final Thoughts

You deserve to be loved and to be happy. If you want a change in your life, if you are tired of the way things are now, if you are tired of dreaming of what could be… it means taking a chance. I know that change can be scary. That is why I am here. I care and I want to help you. You do deserve the best, and I want to help you reach your best self. May God’s love and blessings always be with you.
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