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Melanie Childers

MEd, Life Coach 
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

No BS, down-to-earth life coach specializing in life transitions, success, happiness and creativity.

About me


I was lying in bed when I found the lump in my right breast.

A month later I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. The following three years included a double mastectomy, chemo, and three breast reconstructions, being unable to work thanks to depression and chemo brain, my husband's job loss, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and separation. It also included anxiety, depression, PTSD, and suicidal thoughts. On the up side, I had incredible family and friends, an amazing husband, wonderfully loving pets, and some personal achievements like running a half marathon a year after chemo.

I'd always been interested in growth, happiness, and being a better version of me. My darkest moments brought me face to face with the parts of me that weren't working in my best interest. On those nights when I was talking myself into just making it to the next day, I sought a way out. A way to get better. That's when I found coaching and learned that I am not my thoughts. That I could change the way I think and what I believe to make my life better.

It's been a long, hard struggle, but working on myself, finding my deepest integrity, and speaking my truth helped pull me out of the hardest time of my life with a greater knowledge of myself and my path.


I'm a coach because I want to help you get through your own hard times. To calm your demons and find peace within yourself. I've been there. I've struggled with the worst demons possible and I survived. Not just survived - thrived.

I can help you do the same. Whether you're struggling with depression, trying to lose weight, looking for your best career path, or just want more life better-ness, I'm here for you. I don't sugar-coat, pull punches, or mother you. You'll find exactly what you need to move forward in confidence - and it all comes from you. I just help you see it.

I’ve learned how to face my fears, question my own beliefs, and change my thoughts to connect to my own North Star so that I live a life that I love.

I can help you learn to listen to your intuition, set boundaries, say no with ease, and make the best choices for YOU.

I’ll show you how to create more happiness and disengage from the negative voices in your head so that you can connect to your own inner wisdom and create the life you want to live.

I’ll help you question any thought, belief, or fear that’s keeping you stuck so you're free to do what you came here to do.

Coaching with me


Getting through major life transitions with grace and ease. Creating more confidence and self-esteem. Building success in your life.


I work quick to go deep into the issues holding you back so you can move forward quickly, but know that you may need to invest real time and commitment for lasting change. Knowing something intellectually and implementing are two different things. I can teach you how to act in confidence to meet your life goals.



One-on-one intensive coaching via phone or Skype.


One-on-one intensive coaching via phone or Skype.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MEd
  • Martha Beck Life Coach Training

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $675 USD


Single 60 minute session - $100

Block of 6 60 minute sessions - $525

Single 90 minute session - $125

Block of 6 90 minute sessions - $675


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