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Melissa E. Muller

M.Ed., NCC, ADHD Coach 
Pasadena, California, United States
ADHD Coaching for adults and students, using a strengths-based approach.
ADHD coach
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About me

Melissa is passionate about brainstorming, strategizing, and implementing creative solutions to difficult problems. As a therapist and the director of the ADHD Collective, she desires to empower her clients to define what they want for their life and how to get it. By taking on the ADHD "stigmas", she promotes a culture of owning your ADHD and using the associated traits as powerful life and career assets.


Our ADHD Coaching Process


Every session we focus on the most important thing(s) you want to cultivate or improve. Sometimes it's not evident, and so we have to go digging until we uncover it. We ask questions and listen for what your experience is telling us. Often it is right there, just beneath the surface.

Mind-mapping can be an incredible tool for externalizing the layers of thought in our brains. Getting it out on a canvas of paper allows you to see what's invisible otherwise.

Once we have honed in on something important, we start crafting a goal. It's important to make it measurable, so you we can get a handle on it and also to realistically track it over time.

Often the goals we make are too vague, and this leads to inaction. When a goal isn't clear, it's hard to know the next step to take. We help clarify your goal, and then break it up into a bunch a smaller goals, or tasks, so you are clear about what the next step is, every point along the way.


Because all results come from action, we draft an action plan. We break your goal up into manageable tasks, and make sure that you always know the next step to take.

Together we plan out your week, and incorporate the action steps for storming your goal(s) and creating momentum.


Because we are not in the business of merely planning for change, but actually making change, it's important to anticipate the realistic challenges that occur when you want to change your life for the better.

Planning for and incorporating these challenges helps diffuse their power. When they are acknowledged as part of the change process, they contribute to the flow rather than hamper it. It's when they aren't planned for, that they can hit hard and deflate our self-esteem and momentum.

Pretending to change, and actually making change are two different things. We are wholehearted about the latter, and so we incorporate the challenges. In turn, it makes for better crafted strategies.


Sometimes the thing you wanted to get done, doesn't get done. Or sometimes an off day gets you down. Maybe your whole plan feels botched. Maybe you're just feeling overwhelmed.

We all have crappy days. And sometimes for no reason at all. These things happen. This is understandable and just a part of the human experience.

That's why we think it's important to schedule times throughout the week to see how you're feeling. To talk about it. Sometimes your plan needs a simple adjustment, so you keep your momentum going.

Maybe it's a quick phone call, or a text message, or an email. Checking-in with you throughout the week is an important tool for keeping your eyes on the prize.

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Fees: from $595 USD to $1495 USD


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