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Mhairi Gordon-Preston

Dip. & Cert. in Life Coaching & NLP 
Cheshire, England, United Kingdom
I help professional women who are unhappy at work, to find new careers.
Career coach
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About me

I’ve successfully changed career three times and coaching helped me do it. Now I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned, so you can fast-track into the perfect career and pay packet for you.

Because I’ve been through career change, I know what it’s like to wonder if employers will take me seriously, to worry that I’ll have to start at the bottom, to feel confused about what direction to go in, and to be told that I can’t make money doing what I love.

I’ve realised that as I go through life, my interests change and what I care most about has too. I’ve also been through big life events like relocation, marriage, redundancy and bereavement, which changed me so much that what I had been doing before job-wise wasn’t always right for me afterwards. I got help from different sources to make my career change, and each time it turned-out great, even if there were some bumps along the way! It’s your absolute right to feel happy in the work you do. So if you’re ready to love your job and your salary, let my career coaching program help you.   more...

Coaching with me

What clients say about coaching with me:

From one-to-one coaching clients

Aida Baida Gil, Spain

“Mhairi is a master at helping you realize what is exactly what you need to move forward. She´s been always able to turn my confusion into clarity, and I always end the conversation motivated and knowing exactly what to do next.”

Anna Day, UK

“Mhairi’s coaching provided guidance around juggling an extremely busy and immense workload of taking on a promotion, starting a Masters, and raising my two-year-old! The coaching enabled me to prioritise what was most important to me, and to juggle extremely demanding work. It was great to have expert coaching during this transition.”

Nicholas Burman, Canada & UK

“Since coaching with Mhairi I have managed to reach goals, sort-out my pricing structure & even gained a couple of new clients. Mhairi’s empowering & effective approach encouraged me to develop ideas rather than instructing me what to do. I can see how this – which is more of a ‘teaching someone how to fish’ idea – will have longer lasting effects for me.”

Laura Ferguson, UK

“We worked on a range of subjects and I achieved both thinking space and practical actions, helping me to balance my work with the rest of my life. I would definitely work with Mhairi again and recommend her as a coach to anyone.”

Peter Shillito, UK
When I signed up, I was unsure whether it would be useful, but I  needed to increase my listeners, and I was ready to try anything. It turned out that I didn’t need anyone else except Mhairi. She helped me work-out what would get more listeners. I usually struggle in thinking-up goals, but this time was different. I recommend Mhairi to anyone who’s unsure of the direction they need to take.”

Simon J Newbury, UK

“I never really knew what to expect from coaching, but felt at ease with Mhairi. Each session built on the previous one, and I found myself reviewing my business in a way which helped me to understand how I could improve it. Coaching with Mhairi has been of great use to me and my business, and I recommend her services.”

From eCourse clients

Crystal, Georgia, US

“Great eCourse!”

Phil Lacey, UK

“I love the eCourse, its brilliant! Can’t wait for the next instalment.”

Alison Franks, UK
”Great tips and online mini-course & fantastic support!”
   more ...
You are looking for high-quality support, new ideas, and accountability to take action and stick with it, even if things get challenging. I'll be your champion and provide support every step of the way.

We will coach especially well together if you're a professional women who's unhappy at work, and you want to find a new career you love that pays well


“Are you a professional woman who’s unhappy at work? What if there you could find the route to being happy at work *and* getting paid well?”

Keep reading if you’re a professional women, and one or more of these sound like your work-life right now:
• You want to get out of your job as soon as you can
• You’re worried you won’t get other jobs because your current career is the only thing you’re qualified to do
• You’d love to do something you enjoy more, but you’re afraid you can’t make as much money doing it
• You don’t know which career path to take or where to focus your efforts
• You don’t want to jump into another career without being certain that it’s right for you, otherwise you’ll be back in the same situation again.

“Your work-life will be very different with this step-by-step process to figuring out a perfect career for you – and how to go about getting it:”
• Never being miserable at work again because you finally know the right career, and the right setting for you
• Fast-track your career change and job-hunt
• Show employers you’ve got the right skills and experience
• Make good money doing what you love

Now imagine how much happier you’ll be when you:
• feel excited on Sunday evenings about the work-week ahead rather than dreading it
• are in the middle of a work day, and find yourself thinking “I can’t believe I’m paid to do this!”
• receive a lovely amount of money each month, that is what you’re truly worth

The Professional Woman’s Career Change Success Program was made specifically for you, so get started on your perfect career by contacting me today
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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certificate in Personal Coaching
  • Introduction to Mentoring Certificate
  • MSc in ecology
  • BSc in natural sciences
  • BA in graphic design
  • Diploma in Life Coaching
  • Diploma in NLP
  • Emotionally Intelligent Management
  • Diversity
  • Reiki Level 1
In 2009, I was saving a third of my monthly pay whilst researching the place I wanted to emigrate to. My PhD place to study fish was sorted, and my husband would get his work visa when I got my student visa. Yes, my beloved cat was sick and I was worried about how he would cope with a 24-hour flight, but overall things were OK and our dream to immigrate to New Zealand was happening in just six months’ time.

Firstly I was made redundant, then my husband’s lovely dog died, next a friend committed suicide, then a close friend’s sister died. A relative of my husband passed away, the funding for my PhD was cut, and then my beloved cat died. So in 2010, I felt suicidal. Then followed weeks of crying and crying, and I just wasn’t the same person any more.

I started reaching out in desperation for something to help me. Luckily I stumbled in the right direction and re-built my self with Coaching, aided by the Law of Attraction & Emotional Freedom Technique.

I realised my old career was not my calling anymore: I wanted to help people the way I’d been helped. So I finally listened to the inner voice that had said to me back in 2004 (when I first hired a Coach): “Become a Coach, you’d be good at it”, and I got my Coach training.

As well as being certified in coaching, mentoring and NLP, I have gone through career change three times, and have worked within many different industries and organisation types.
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Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD


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