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Michael Laffey

Brighton, England, United Kingdom
A Life & Wellness Coach ensuring that balance & focus are client-led.

About me

I am a qualified life coach living & working in London and Brighton.

I have a strong international background and I am very comfortable working internationally either remotely or face to face.

I have found Life Coaching incredibly rewarding; both in my own personal life as well as seeing its benefits in others I have coached.

Having been through the life coaching journey myself, I have real hand experience in the fact that sometimes you need tangible goals and at other times you need, attentive ears, a sounding board or an ethos & mindset to maintain you along the way.

All of these work in their own way; with the sum of the parts creating a greater understanding of you, your situations, what you want, why and how.

Coaching with me

Personal Change & Development
Business / Career Coaching
Relocation /Work / Lifestyle Balance

Like many people, changes in my own life have involved deeply personal, career and location based choices. Understanding why these need to happen and working out approaches to attain them is why I value the clarity Life Coaching can bring to what can sometimes appear a hazey undefined horizon.
I am known for having a relaxed & informal style.

I am more than happy to coach face to face, via Skype, Google Hangout & email, quite often blending these to suit client needs.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Personal 121 Sessions either face to face or Skype/eMail; often blended according to suit your lifestyle
Personal 121 Sessions where distance is overcome with remote coaching via Skype or eMail.
Short courses or group coaching
Intensive Timebound Sessions run over the course of 30 Days. These are aimed at supporting you in every way to get you to where you want to be.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Diploma in Life Coaching Skills
My previous career was in the corporate music industry. I ran European & South East Asian operational units in line with evolving Corporate strategy. I saw the business adapt from Vinyl through to Downloads. And in that I’ve been fortunate to work with the challenges people & organisations have to face.

I have been fortunate enough to work in a range of departments, functions & regions which has allowed me to appreciate the correlation between people & organisations to the extent that each part has an impact on the whole; and it is understanding this that I find fascinating. And so is life!

I am now also a volunteer business mentor at The Prince’s Trust; working with young people to launch exciting new businesses. Working with young people to grow on a personal level, nurture their talents and to achieve their professional goals still excites.

Fee description

Fees: from $70 USD to $700 USD

Free Introductory Half-Hour Assessment, with options as follows:

- Single Session
- Block Booked Sessions
- Timebound Intensive Sessions/Courses
- Me-O-T (quarterly, half-yearly, annual self-assessments & goal setting)


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