lifecoach $540 USD Michelle A. Arrington Michelle A. Arrington Business Coach, Life Coach and Certified Professional Mediator with over 20 years experience.
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Michelle A. Arrington

CPM; Business Consultan; Life Coach 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Business Coach, Life Coach and Certified Professional Mediator with over 20 years experience.

About me

I have been a business consultant and coach for over 25 years and a life coach for over 20 years. I have helped professional musicians, professional business persons, students, victims of domestic violence, and families come up with solutions which work for them personally.

I help my clients come up with their own solutions. I don't tell them how to solve a problem, I simply help them get to solutions that will be sustainable, which better fit their lifestyle and personality, and are easier to manage. In this way, my clients generally succeed and enjoy better results from the solutions they created.

All of our coaching sessions start with a one (1) hour free consultation. Thereafter, I have various packages that fit my clients' budgets (Hourly, as needed; 3 month blocks ( 6 one-hour sessions); and 6 month blocks (12 one-hour sessions)). I also create customizable packages based on my clients' needs.

Coaching with me

I work with my clients to help them create their own solutions to the problems they are facing. When clients have finished their coaching sessions, they should achieve increased self-esteem, better time management, enhanced communication skills, the ability to manage disputes peacefully and effectively, and reduced stress attributable to handling daily pressures.

I like to coach in a manner which enables my clients to realize their full potential by creating and managing their own solutions. I am a facilitator, not a director. I don't tell clients what they should or should not do. By enabling the client to create his/her own solution(s), clients reach their goals more effectively and their solutions are sustainable and better fit their lifestyle and personality, and are easier to manage.


Private coaching is offered to persons in the Philadelphia, PA, Northern Delaware and Southern NJ areas. These are face-to-face sessions, generally held in the client's home or a place chosen by the client.
Online coaching is provided to clients outside of Philadelphia, PA, Northern Delaware and Southern NJ areas, including clients in the Caribbean. These sessions are generally held using Skype.
Short courses or group coaching
Workshops are provided to groups experience similar issues (i.e. victims of domestic abuse, ex-convicts, etc.) These are face-to-face sessions held at various locations. Workshops include self-esteem/self-awareness training, communication basics, dispute resolution, and career counseling.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Professional in Mediation
  • Certificate in Family Divorce and Business Mediation from the American Center for Conflict Resolution Institute
I have over 25 years of corporate business experience, working with Fortune 100 companies. I am a proven leader with expert negotiation skills. I have been recognized for my communication, team building, and conflict management skills, and am a nationally certified professional in mediation.

I work with teens and young adults to help them with their career objectives and to ensure they develop and continue good work and life balancing techniques. I have also developed training programs, dealing with basic communication
and social skills and diversity training, dispute resolution, self-esteem and awareness, job readiness, among others.

I have been invited by various organizations, universities and corporate training groups to present workshops on teamwork and communication skills.

Fee description

Fees: from $56 USD to $540 USD

Hourly (as needed) $75/hr
Monthly (blocks of 3 months; 6 one-hour sessions) $315/3-month block 30% discount
Monthly (blocks of 6 months; 12 one-hour sessions) $540/6-month block 40% discount
Additional hourly rate for monthly clients $56.25/hr
25% discount


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