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Swindon, England, United Kingdom
Compassionate, qualified coaching. Specialist in Business Coaching and parenting Autism

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About me

Founding MHM Life Coaching and Michelle Hatcher Media Ltd and since qualifying in Life Coaching (Diploma) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Diploma) she has also studied NLP with the Association of Integrative Psychology in Seattle, Washington. She is the top UK email marketing coach using automated systems. She has written a number of books on personal development and human psychology, all available on Amazon.

She is a member of the International Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and Complimentary Medicine Association, The Institute of Leadership and Management. She has also become a member of the Association of Integrated Pyschology.

She was named as one of the top 100 most inspiring writers to watch in 2016 by GQ Magazine.

She launched her digital fashion magazine in 2013, The Vintage Eye which became the only UK digital only vintage fashion magazine for the next 3 years. Also in 2013, she built her email marketing list to up to 60,000 in less than a year founding the The Vintage Business monthly newsletter which focused on events of the vintage scene around the world.

In 2015, she became the author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller: How to Turn Your Child's Autism Around And Save Money. She is also the founder of the Mentoring Hub Communities and the A List; a marketing mentor for entrepreneurs online.
She is often seen at National Business Events and Expos across Londond and the UK hosting presentations and speaking on email marketing for business.

Her passions and charities include International non profit organisations; Pin Ups Against Bullying, Autism Awareness and Stop Means Stop; the anti-cyberbullying campaign.

She is an extraordinary coach helping people with personal development to gaining better self confidence in their lives using humour and positivity. Experiencing divorce and even representing herself in court without legal representation, she has overcome some of the most crushing moments of hardship and social bullying in her adult life. She is, without a doubt, living proof that inner strength can raise results even out of times of darkness.

With a background of professionally working in mental health, social housing and adult social care, she has built up a number of life experiences in these roles as well as recognised qualifications. Her experiences have made her more than qualified as a self image coach, Autism coach, M.E/CFS coach and small business coach offering light and laughter as well as focus and optimism in all of these fields.

Meeting her clients 'on a level' she will work out what's not working in your life where you wish there to be change. Discover your strengths and what really drives you, be it good or bad, then impliment that change into a habit that will create long lasting results.

Coaching with me

It would be easy to say that I want my clients to go away with the answers that they wanted to the questions that they thought were important. As many effective coaches have proved to us over the years, it is never the question that needs answering, it is the question has to be altered either into a state, language or tone that can allow the client to see the problem from a different perspective. The goal is always to seek clarity, release negative thought patterns and shift unwanted core beliefs.

If you allow the client to go away with the answer they think their want, it might not solve the problem they have. Sometimes to solve the problem, there is another issue to address first and it is usually this issue that needs to be either understood, put to bed or re defined before any forward movement can take place.

I aim for my clients to not only going away with the answer but go away understanding the reason behind the problem. Once they have understood the reason why they came to that problem in the first place, it will guide them through a very thorough change in the way they see problems from now on.

I give my clients clarity on the situation and the tools to use to make the problem smaller and more manageable. Once the shift has taken place in their thought process, the real work can begin!
I believe that everyone has an inner voice and it is that voice that holds the answers. In my counseling training, we were taught that everyone has the answer inside. NLP teaches us to read our bodies, understand our language and our mental state which has shaped our indentity from our past. CBT on the other hand allows us to take a deep breath and walk into the future with a clearer understanding of our behaviours.

I believe that all of these strategies hold the key. The art of coaching is to show the client where the answer is and to make them understand that they have the right tools to move forward and make a change in their life so much so that they increase it into a habit forming ritual that is practised and perfected every day of their lives.

I don't like the sessions to be a telling them what I want them to do. A big part of empowering people is to let them find the results they are looking for themselves and to see the answer within their grasp. I like to meet my clients on a level so I can really see their map of the world. I bring fun into the coaching if I think it will help stimulate the growing process and show compassion where the element is needed form healing. Either way, my client goes away feeling happier and more in tune with what they can achieve!


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

I don't believe in a one size fits all style of coaching. It is important that the specific need is met, and this will be discussed initially with the client to see what sort of coaching is best. I offer email, telephone and face to face coaching. The face to face meetings are always on mutual ground like a cafe or quite place where mutual feeling is comfortable and peaceful. This style of coaching can be regular if necessary.
This type of coaching is online only and can be through any means that the client feels comfortable to use. This could be through email or Skype which is conducted from my private office and is not over heard by any other individual.
Short courses or group coaching
I am very happy to do group coaching where a need to be supported by those around an individual is needed. Small business coaching is offered as well as friend and family coaching depending on the need and the regularity of the coaching needed. All of this in detail is discussed on initial contact.

Coaching at this level is small business minded; company image, branding, publishing, social media presence.

Families coaching; relationships which may requie more than once session
Ongoing training
Ongoing training is offered to individuals as well as businesses. Pre set times and dates for either are offered as well as follow up meetings or conversations if there are any ongoing concerns that the client feels needs to be addressed. These ongoing sessions can be confirmed at the outset of initial contact, or reviewed over time.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Diploma in Life Coaching CoE Manchester, UK, IANLPC IAHT 2016
  • Level 2 Counseling - adult education - West Sussex 2005
  • Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CoE Manchester UK, IANLPC, IAHT 2016
  • Certificate in Higher Education in Humanities 2004
  • 2011 Team Leader Level 2 Membership at the Institute of Leadership and Managment
  • Held the position of Housing Fraud Officer in Local Authority in Surrey
  • Adult Social Care management for Surrey County Council 2008
  • Housing Law Surrey 2007
  • Cygnet Autism Awareness for parents - Swindon, Wiltshire 2013
  • Identity Fraud - Surrey local authority 2009
  • Surrey Ambulance Service - patient care awareness 1992, and every year to 2000
  • Surrey Ambulance Service mental health awareness 1992 and every year to 2000
  • Mental awareness - Oxford County Council and South ox 2013
  • Public Speaking and Team leading South Oxfordshire 2013
  • Data Protection Act 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
  • Presentation and leadership during the London 2012 Olympics for the Surrey 2012 Team
  • Dealing with difficult customers and clients - Surrey 2012 Team
Parent to a teenager son with Autism, Michelle started from being a single parent in a hostile and bullying environment to business owner, publisher, and accomplished author.

Living in a one room flat with her baby son, she was faced with gangs, drug addictions and violence to her, her property and her car on a daily basis. It took 2 years for there to be a change in her circumstances, and despite getting the authorities to move the problem away from the area, the attacks on her didn't stop.

Founding MHM Life Coaching and author of self help books after being diagnosed herself with M.E/CFS in early 2014, she has, since losing her job to due ill health, 'cured' herself and gone on to be one of the most successful women in the vintage industry, founding The Vintage Eye magazine, and writing it, producing it and publishing it, by herself. She is now a profoundly compelling image coach on top of her commitments to being an active advocate for International non profit organisation, Pin Ups Against Bullying and Stop Means Stop; the anti-cyberbullying campaign

Woking very closely with the public during the London 2012 Olympics, she was the business officer to the Surrey 2012 Team. This team was largely responsible for the 1 million residents and businesses affected by the four day road closures necessary for the road races and time trails to take place. The complaints came directly to Michelle and it was her sole job to deal with them effectively, sorting out concerns, holiday flights, business opening and closing times and even nursery schools and care home schedules!

The buck stopped with her!

Working with group sessions, she travelled around the county of Surrey giving talks and speeches to residents and business owners concerned about the negative impact that the road closures would have on their lives. It was Michelle's job to turn that belief system around and show an advantage, a career move, a positive event that could be a benefit to everyone.

The road closures were a success. Out of 1 million residents and businesses in the whole of Surrey, after the road races had finished, there were only 4 complaints on her desk.

She is also an extraordinary coach helping women in business to gaining better self confidence in their lives. Experiencing divorce and even representing herself in court without legal representation, she has overcome some of the most crushing moments of hardship and violent bullying in her adult life. She is, without a doubt, living proof that inner strength can raise results even out of times of darkness.

So far this year in 2016, she has managed to achieve two Diplomas with the Centre of Excellence in Manchester, UK; One in Life Coaching and the other in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She travels to Seattle, Washington in April to complete her NLP Practitioners course, completing her NLP Masters Practitioners course with in Manchester later in the year.

Fee description

Fees: from £130 GBP to £3000 GBP

Individuals starting at: £130
Groups and businesses starting at: £500
All prices from £130 up are negotiable if financial position is limited


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