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Swindon, England, United Kingdom
Compassionate, qualified coaching. Specialist in Business Coaching and parenting Autism

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  • 4 Step to Career and Financial Success


    Simple step by step strategies to enhance your career or business choices, find your true career purpose, understanding your financial habits

    £500.00 GBP RRP £679.00 GBP     save 26% ADD TO CART
  • Gaining Ground With Autism!


    Understand your child's mind more effectively and learn skills for a brighter future using combined techniques of NLP and CBT in this exciting course!

    £329.00 GBP RRP £1950.00 GBP     save 83% ADD TO CART
  • Cause and Effect


    Cause and Effect is the next in the explosive series of self help psychology books by Michelle Hatcher.

    £6.00 GBP RRP £8.00 GBP     save 25% ADD TO CART
  • Free The Goddess!


    This wonderful step by step program I will personally guide YOU through will give you all the secrets to abundance and beauty in your life today

    £69.00 GBP RRP £352.00 GBP     save 80% ADD TO CART
  • Improved Parenting with Autism


    A bespoke course for U.K parents of a child on the spectrum. Focusing on support for parent relationships between them, child and school

    £800.00 GBP RRP £950.00 GBP     save 16% ADD TO CART
  • Four Weeks Of Getting The Relationship You Want


    This beautiful bespoke course will cover all aspects of finding a relationship that is worthy of your love and how to love you!

    £300.00 GBP RRP £480.00 GBP     save 38% ADD TO CART
  • The 3 Tier Guide To Understanding Who You Are


    This is my personal guide which came from how I learned to live with M.E/CFS. It is the guide I have used in the past to create a better understanding

    £5.99 GBP RRP £9.99 GBP     save 40% ADD TO CART

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